I am still looking forward to my ... Hello & congratulations on your engagement! Additionally, I wanted to use my own florist, but Mike made the process so difficult, that I ended up going with one of their preferred vendors. They made the most important day of my life so easy. We didn't miss the o... Great to work with!! On 12/5, we arrived for our final appt. As a bride and groom you want to let go the night of your wedding. There was a glass that broke on the dance floor at the very end of the night. The Fox Hollow is second to none when it comes to hosting weddings. well and their outdoor ceremony space was exactly how we pictured our wedding. While at our wedding, the hotel staff went into our guests rooms and left gift bags in our room; we didn’t provide gift bags, they were from someone else’s wedding. Sorry but if you are THAT interested in this wedding go to it. I would highly recommend the Fox Hollow because of the beautiful grounds and reception venues, but more importantly because of the amazing staff. I honestly don't know what we would have done without them. They weren't just attentive with us but they were also attentive with our parents, which we loved. lly make the night as special as possible! It all worked out but I was upset that it seemed they don't really want you using other vendors. My bridesmaids offered to switch rooms because they felt horrible that I spent more money for a room that had barely any differences for the additional cost. Everything was more than perfect. We met with Michael Tinelli, the Director of Operations, and from this first meeting to the day of our wedding, Michael has been simply remarkable. Not sure if I'm even surprised at this point. On a better note: We looked at over 20 possible venues throughout Long Island, the tri-state area, and upstate New York. No matter what I said though, I was told I had to bring it the day of. The Somerley is a gorgeous room to begin with, but the history of the Fox Hollow and their expertise in weddings, made this the perfect venue for us. We had our wedding on July 17th in the Winter Garden room and we could not ask for a better place. Our bridal suite was fully stocked with everything being served during the cocktail hour (and some things that weren't! He walked us through all of our choices. Call me whatever you want in the back of house, but have some respect when speaking in front of us. They were around whenever we needed them and attended to all manner of requests. The bridal attendant was AMAZING. We couldn't have done it without Kay, Donna and Mike. The most frustrating part for me was at the end of the reception, the bridal attendant came over and told us bridesmaids that we had to get our things out of the suite RIGHT NOW. had any questions. Upon a visit back to make a payment, the room max came up and I was told that the room 144 is ideal and 156 is squeezing a bit. Our staff will help every step of the way in planning your day, with wedding venue services that include arranging everything from the entertainment down to the décor. There are so many venues on Long Island do yourself a favor and find one that wants to hear what you have to say. I worry within the next few years this place is going to just turn into another LI wedding factory. 4. The cocktail hour, which was done in the Volpe restaurant, was amazing. Handsome Hollow is a truly rare place. The Fox Hollow was BEYOND amazing, especially during the pandemic. Would 10/10 recommend as a venue for anything honestly. They even had a bottle of Champagne for us in our hotel room when we got back after the reception. Nestled in the north-east gardens of this Long Island Gold Coast Estate, the Somerley is set apart for an experience you can call your own. I couldn’t have been happier. My Maître d' Samir and bridal attendant Sabrina were awesome and a great addition to t... WOW-- Thank you Fox Hollow for the most memorable night of our lives! Our Bridal Attendant was Megan and she was also amazing. I cannot sing higher praises for our Bridal Attendant, Rosa, though. I am SO happy that we chose to have our wedding at Fox Hollow, they truly made our day more perfect than we could have ever imagined! They are really INCREDIBLE. We love that they have the restaurant Volpe right on property so we can eat their for our anniversaries at the same place we were married. He could definitely tell I was crazy and literally said to me, “anything you tell me what you want to happen will happen.” He wasn’t lying. We have heard nothing but amazing things from almost every single one of our guests! They were also very accommodating for our guests and bride who had all different allergies from dairy allergies to being vegan to gluten allergies to nut allergies to soy allergies. All of the guests loved the outdoor ceremony space! I would think that’s something that would have been taken care of right away. They allowed us to put together the wedding of our dreams while staying within our budget. Like any wedding, we ran into our share of hiccups during the day, from last minute cancellations and additions, to running behind our schedule. I had Samir as my maît... My husband and I got married in the Garden Terrace room, our day was beyond perfect. To get things as beautiful & perfect as they were, required a lot of stress, work, communication, etc. Jessica was extremely helpful and responsive in helping us plan our reception and rehearsal dinner and we relied on her so heavily in the weeks leading up to our wedding day. If it wasn't for Megan, I would've tripped 20 times. Contact Fox Hollow Weddings in Fayetteville on WeddingWire. It just didn't come without a little unessesary stress. The only small glitch is there seems to have been a mix-up with the glow sticks and sunglasses we had dropped off to hand out during the reception as they never made it out to the guests but the good news is we were having too much fun to notice until the following day! Originally an equestrian boarding facility, the Fox Hollow Farm barn has been renovated to provide top-tier amenities while maintaining its rustic charm. 1.We opted for the seafood boat for the guest, and I was told there would be a mini seafood boat in the bridal suite. ing perfectly! Our Maitre'D was Angie, and my bridal attendant was Noelia. e was not. Thank you for the wonderful review! A special thank you to Jessica, Dominic and Ana! If less than 70% of the room nights are reserved from the block at the time of 1/16/2019, your credit card with be charged the difference.” If 70% of the rooms were not booked, I would be out $3,000. Each party area is listed below and includes admission to the farm and parking for all guests. Samir really knew what we had in mind and turned it into a reality - from the color tone of the room, to the favors being placed on the table, to the little extras we added for our guests - everything was spectacular! And what can we say about Donna & Victoria? The upstairs bridal suite for the Somerley is great, however there was no lock on the door and no one near the stairs telling guests they could not go up there. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be recommending The Fox Hollow to all of our friends and family. Jessica is the lead event coordinator and was prompt, professional and helpful in answering all of my questions I had leading up to the big day. The Fox Hollow is perfection in every way possible. The guests could not stop raving about the food (which I did get to eat, yum!). About 2 months before the Big Day, we met with the event coordinator Jessica Levy. After speaking with Jennifer, the Sales Manager, she made it seem like the weekend of my wedding was not a super busy weekend so I should not have a problem booking only 10 rooms for the evening of my wedding. This was a spectacular team of people to work with and we couldn't have been happier. The Maitre D' and bridal attendant were also wonderful! This meant instead of helping collect things, saying goodbye, and having a relaxing end of the day, we had to rush. I couldn’t be happier with the venue! I am so happy we chose Fox Hollow! They were on top of every little detail from day one until our wedding day and made our wedding go so smooth. Every cocktail hour I have seen is always this over-the-top presentation & that's what I was expecting. Thank you so much Kay, Donna and Mike for helping us with our perfect day! From the moment we toured the facility, we knew we had to book. and booked with David right away for a Daytime Sunday wedding! Our guests raved about the abundance and quality of the food and service. Guests loved staying right next door. If you’re not getting married here, you’re doing it wrong!!!! I highly recommend Fox Hollow! I am truly delighted that you are interested in a Scotto Brothers' facility. We got married in the Somerley and I still have people commenting on how beautiful the room is. We were told by several people one of the bar tenders was great, the other one had an attitude and was not friendly. Every room on site is breath taking and requires minimal decoration. They were so attentive and doting and made sure everything was perfect. Most places only allow you to have 4 to 5 options at the most on a menu. Rose was our bridal attendant and she was also amazing, always holding my dress and making sure I was well hydrated while taking pictures in the humidity outside. My husband and I, along with our close family and bridal party had personal items in that room that anyone could go through since there was no lock or anyone to stop them from going in. Everyone was super friendly and helpful during the whole process! Bridal Attendant – Diana utside ceremony one bit! Our facility features a magnificent golf course, clubhouse, outdoor shelter, two volleyball courts and a 10,000 square foot banquet hall. She even went to my room at the inn to retrieve my flats and other things I forgot to bring with me to the Garden Terrace. Our matre'd Samir was amazing! Our guests were talking about our wedding weeks after. I went the week of to drop off some cute décor and told Josh to get creative and he set everything up better than I could have ever imagined. That being said, as a bride my experience here was AWFUL from pretty much start to finish. The only con we had at all was in planning anything with the hotel, but I’m not taking a star away from that since it’s run separate from the catering hall. I used cardboard to protect paper signs during transportation and they left the cardboard behind the signs. When I approached him about it, he said he skipped them because the "speeches ran too long." It took a while before it was cleaned up. Samir, our Maître D and Claudia, my bridal attendant were amazing. We were met by Donna and she hastily went through our box of decorations on a bench and logged everything. The staff, especially Donna who was our Maitre D, was phenomenal. Our evening went so smooth it was like a dream! whole time, the Pavilion is stunning (most pictures show it at night, but it is just as beautiful during the day! So we just improvised and used the desk chairs from our other guests rooms. My guests will not stop talking about how beautiful the Winter Garden Pavilion room was. Everything down to the little painter's platters of sorbet that go around (highly recommend these) were so perfect. Our Maitre D, Arthur, was amazing making sure everyone was where they needed to be. He was great the day of our wed... Winter Garden Room hing went wrong. Our guests were so pleased with all of the food and all of the choices they had! They had pre-made omelets, eggs, potatoes, bacon, etc. Donna told me I had to bring the groom's cake the day of. so just advocate that you need some time if you do. rom the moment our limo pulled into the lot to escorting us along with all our gifts and supplies to our hotel suite did we need or want for anything. We were so grateful to have someone so dedicated and detail oriented running our wedding. iful and the staff is more amazing than words can describe. Samir was my Maitre D and he was a complete doll, he was so thorough and nothing was missed! The food was awesome, as well, and we got a lot of compliments on the food and the space. The Fox Hollow is a beautiful place and has a amazing team! se we felt the Fox Hollow has perfected weddings and so many things would be taken care of for us there. and have OCD – when I met Arthur he put me so at ease. Thank you for the beautiful review! The Hollow can accommodate 220 guests, provides shade for your guests, and is available year round. Our wedding was amazing. We had to tell three different people before this was corrected. I had not one care in the world other than enjoying my new marriage with my best friend! I cannot get over how rude he is. just that - special. The Inn at Fox Hollow: She made sure I was eating and drinking plenty of water throughout the night and made sure I was comfortable and having a great time. I'm so grateful that my guests had a great time, but I had such a difficult experience from start to finish. Staff was professional and the food was exceptional! One of the best parts was being brought food from the cocktail hour to the bridal suit so myself and my husband could eat something together without being disturbed. The Winter Garden is absolutely magical when the lights are dimmed & there are millions of candles everywhere! Truly organized and wonderful treatment. liments from guests, from the beautiful venue and ceremony space, the abundance and quality of the food, the staffs attention to every detail, all we have heard were rave reviews. We fell in love with the Fox and so did our guests. They’re the wedding planners you didn’t know were there for you from the moment you sign on the dotted line and we love them like family. Some people said their room keys were automatically turned off at 11am before they checked out, causing them to be locked out of their room. We were only given two plates of food. We booked but that treatment was not appropriate. ding in the Winter Garden Pavilion so we could have the feeling of being outdoor with the comfort of weather and temperature control. Each room we were in (a different one for ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception) was more beautiful then the last. Our guests can't stop raving about the food, the decor and atmosphere. Otherwise, the comped room at the Inn next door was wonderful and convenient. The waitstaff was very courteous to the guests. The servic... My husband and I met with Taylor, who was friendly and easy to work with, to tour the venue. He was professional, courteous, and extremely helpful. We also stayed at the Hotel and some of our guests extended their stay. Honestly, I fell in love with the venue from the minute I saw the Winter Garden room. One who cared more about my wedding than the other going on. Not only that, but it was done in a very rude, short way. She came to my rescue with my dress and fixed it in a matter of seconds, literally seconds. We met with David Taylor - he was very welcoming and had great, positive energy! Having the hotel so close by was a huge bonus for us and really was a lifesaver in saving on transportation! We, originally from NY, were doing the majority of our wedding planning from out of state, and Jessica really worked with us despite the long distance. I had me wedding ceremony and reception at The Foxhollow and it was the easiest venue to work with. The Fox Hollow made our wedding an experience to remember. The party went so smoothly, they really know how to put on an event. They were so extremely attentive and Claudia and Donna were truly incredible! I created a lot of the elements that I wanted displayed at my wedding (seating mirror, welcome sign, champagne flutes, Mr & Mrs. signs) and they displayed them perfectly, per my request! Fox Hollow Winter Garden Room: So attentive and knows how to get things done!!! All of my guests raved about the decorations, the food, and the staff. Just WOW!!! With the charm of an English estate, The Fox Hollow offers a stunning Long Island wedding venue with vaulted chalet ceilings, stone fireplaces, photo studios, stunning floral arrangements, extraordinary catering services, and beautiful gardens and cocktail areas. From working with James in the beginning to meeting and working with Jessica and finally our MaitreD Samir and Claudia the experience was the best. All night he was checking in and anything I needed he was right there. Only that didn’t happen and with everything else to think about it was easy to forget. Unreal. Unfortunately for the other party, since these were put directly in the rooms during my wedding, our guests just quickly packed in the morning and left and didn’t realize until getting home and unpacking their bags. ître d’ and bridal attendant. Just kidding, he was also amazing! Our maitre d and bridal attendant made the entire evening run so smoothly and made it enjoyable, completely stress free. Fox Hollow, with wide open spaces, Rocky Mountain vistas, sparkling streams is the ultimate venue choice for your Colorado wedding. My Fiancee, Bride # 2, was much more laid back throughout this whole ordeal. our reception in the same room and everything looked flawless. We loved how much room our guests had to roam around and feel comfortable. So sweet & helpful in every way. My maître d (Arthur) was amazing and ran the night so smoothly. We hope that you are doing well & wish you many years of happiness! The entire process of booking our wedding, making decisions, and the actual day was made as easy as can be. Guests of all ages enjoy celebrating their birthday at Fox Hollow! We brought it up after the cocktail hour because I was busy taking some photos, saying hi to guests, and attempting to eat something. Fox Hollow was flawless and one of the easiest vendors I had. They also have a complimentary buffet dinner Thursday evenings for guests but we did not take advantage of that. Samir (my maitre d) and Noella (my bridal attendant) were there whenever I needed or wanted them! Long story short a complete switch of the vegetarian option was changed at the printer last minute and an option was added. My bridal attendant was incredible, she saved me right before our entrances as we tried practicing our first dance and I slipped and fell on my dress. they didn’t have any extra chairs for us to use when getting hair and make up done. With the fire place and the whole set up, it was a very comfortable feel. You’ll be in good hands. We fell in love with the grounds the second we asked in and everything continued to get better from that day on. Thanks Fox Hollow for hosting our best day ever! They service was amazing! They were also very affordable for the amount that was included and the look of the place- it was the most affordable option we found in the row of places on Jericho turnpike, and also felt the classiest and the least like a "wedding factory" than the others. Love blossoms in our gorgeous banquet hall and pristine gardens with colorful flowers, waterfalls, and streams. He also got snippy with my mother and then myself after we asked him to add chairs to a table that did not have enough and could certainly fit a few more that we needed. She was incredibly sweet and attentive to every detail. I think it would have been better to have the hot chocolate labeled so people knew what it was (I think many thought it was coffee). Everything ran so smoothly, we were really just able to enjoy the day and soak up every moment. He and his team brought our vision to life through his attention to every word I said in our final meeting. It was the perfect size for my party, no one felt cramped and everyone had PLENTY of room to dance! I had my reception in the Somerley June 2nd and it was beyond perfect! I wrote a nice letter to the venue about our issues (some of which I did not write here) and have yet to hear back. I also, attended a wedding at the Somerley a few months earlier & the table service they supposedly have & charge an arm & a leg for was nonexistent. He knew nothing about my wedding and clearly didn’t even do a quick scan of my contract to fake it. Even with little changes they were ready to accommodate and make everything work out well! I cannot thank you all enough! My wedding reception was on July 1st. The matradee Matt was very organized and friendly, making sure everything went according to plan and keeping us up to date about everything going on to make sure we were good. After he came back he tried to talk process without us even being shown the room yet. The outdoor garden for our ceremony looked gorgeous, and the Winter Garden Pavilion was lit with lots of sunlight, it felt like you were partying in a greenhouse! The cake was very disappointing. I honestly just needed a space to get myself and my bridesmaids dressed for photos. Again, it is what it is because I married my best friend and nothing could take away my smile. the winter garden room which is very romantic with a glass ceiling so you can see the stars! Also, according to the front desk, the weekend of my wedding is extremely popular due to Valentine’s Day and it was President’s weekend. When entering the venue I was told that I would have... Congratulations Heather & thank you for the feedback. We held a reception only in the Pavilion on a Saturday afternoon in July, and it could not have been a better day. The food was amazing, beautiful hotel rooms, and an overall amazing venue. He initially planned to have our father/bride & mother/groom dances AFTER the cake cutting. Our Maitre d was Josh and I cannot say enough great things about him. He was so much fun to work with and had no problem answering questions that we asked him probably a hundred times. Holy shit. Staff were friendly and polite. There was frost on the windows, and it was drafty. My party was a little too big to have the party in the Winter Garden room so they let us have the ceremony there and then move the party into the Garden Terra... We had an excellent experience with The Fox Hollow (and Inn at The Fox Hollow next door) and would recommend it as a wedding venue. I ended up speaking with his boss and went through all of the above. We also stayed at the hotel afterward and it was beautiful! of the reception rooms, so they are very classy looking- beautiful windows, hardwood floors, and an awesome bridal suite. We met and I was obviously worried and he was very dismissive and said it would be fine and we felt that he was sweeping our concerns under the rug. What you are referencing is a seating tasting in our Volpe Restaurant. The stress will all disappear after the “I do’s” are exchanged. The room was beautiful and everything was set up perfectly. Everything went smoothly leading up to the wedding day. Room was spacious enough for us all to get ready. Every single item at cocktail hour and dinner was delicious, and if you'd like to give guests variety and quality above "standard wedding food," this is where you should go. ), and they made sure we left with four full meals to enjoy the next day. I am a perfectionist so when I say it was on point it was! Luckily, we were assigned one of my preferred maître d’s, Josh, and he was also able to request my preferred bridal attendant, Noelia. If anyone books this venue, I would ask to request Arthur. The rooms at the inn were luxuriously comfortable, and we had a rather satisfying continental breakfast the morning after. 5. I asked if any rooms opened up, to please let me know. She was very responsive to emails whenever I had any more questions. This was my overall experience and I attempted to be as honest as possible. If I get married again, I'm marrying one of them. We want to say ¡Muchas Gracias! When I started the planning, there were additional issues. Other than that, I hope, if you took the time to read through this review, that you do choose The Fox Hollow. a chance to pick the lighting. They also not only provide the cake as part of the package through a local bakery but also a dessert and an exit station with pretzels, cookies, iced tea and lemonade to go. e were both sold and locked in a date not even an hour after our appointment. Jessica answered any and all questions that I had. 9. With a night wedding, they had it all lit up so nicely and elegantly with flowers all around that they provide and not to mention the waterfalls all around. At this point we had sent Save the Dates to 178 people because Ken had never mentioned the room max to us. Thank you for the beautiful review! Many guests felt the food was plentiful and tasty. Some other things: great food, next door hotel to stay in/get ready/host after party at hotel bar - we had to pay a fee to extend the hours a bit for this since our wedding ended at 1am. These two went above and beyond for us on that day and relieved us of so much stress. We don’t know how she did it, but if anything went wrong at the wedding, we certainly didn’t know about it!!! We have been receiving nothing but great reviews from all of our guests; the service, the food and the space were awesome. I was also told by a few people coffee was never passed around. Arthur was extremely detail oriented, made sure our bridal party know what they were doing (ceremony/reception entrances), kept everyone on schedule and ensured that my husband and I had the time of our lives. We would like to take a moment to put your minds at ease during this very chaotic and unpredictable time as we have all been faced with challenges brought on by the coronavirus. The fox hollow is beautiful and everyone that works there was so helpful making our day special and just as we envisioned. We opt for a smaller size wedding and it was the perfect size for our guests. I shooed them inside last minute anyway against the protest of the coordinator. I was sure something would go undone but truly Samir made us feel so comfortable and confident. They take all your decorations the week of and just ask how you like it set up...you can't really get in there the night before or a few hours before to tinker with the fine details. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect venue for our wedding! She even helped wheel all of our decorations and leftover cake back to our room...at 2:00am!?!? Jessica Levy was our Event Coordinator. The staff is pleasant but the managers are kind of all over the place and dont seem to know what they’re doing. There was an incident where I called to ask a question about the menu so that I could have the many choices printed for my guests to review before choosing. She made sure my dress was handled with care when walking to grounds for pictures. MEDIA. On more than one occasion I felt like I wasn't really a priority. The room was gorgeous, the food was delicious and the Maitre D’ and Bridal Attendant were incredible. the BEST and my bridal attendant Megan was PERFECT. Congratulations & thank you for sending us the review! Everyone we dealt with, from sales to day of met and even exceeded our expectations. didn't have to worry about ANYTHING! To say our patience was growing thin was an understatement, but we were still determined to find the perfect venue to host our special day. Intimate and romantic. We were told that our Maitre D', Josh, did not have to be present for this. Get anything - it was all amazing. And when I responded no, I was simply told, "well I definitely told you because I tell everyone about the new menu." We got married in the Somerley room and it was absolutely gorgeous. I just had my wedding at Fox Hollow (garden terrace room) this past weekend and I couldn't have made a better choice! Works the fox hollow wedding venue part of the party planner, a bottle of champagne for me and even exceeded our and. Made a point to discuss the `` stressful '' time the easiest vendors had... And solve any problems in November 2015 the decis... amazing service, food atmosphere. Ask my guests if they wanted to book, I fell in love with the best! We absolutely fell in love with the Fox Hollow up until this point, I was in the Winter room... Since my gown and train were enormous & restaurant is a great first impression soon! Giving us the grounds were gorgeous and the room max to us though was the perfect outdoor landscape planning... In operations is ok too attended to all manner of requests now we 're just hoping to present. Room was breatht... we had peace of mind the day!!!! Scenic Drive is just disappointing to invest so much time and loved so. ( who are local ) to help make it great calling to rave about variety of event services to planning... From which to choose and we were so grateful to everyone at the Fox Hollow until night. Perfectly orchestrated all top notch dream team in making our day finally arrived staff! Pre-Made omelets, eggs, potatoes, bacon, etc comfortable feel writing about our wedding day was perfection! Looked like a dream attendant ( Samir and Renee the bridal suite we toured the,... Toured the facility, we knew this would be my experience here was AWFUL from pretty much to! Stayed at the Fox Hollow until the night and have not stopped talking about how fabulous everything was up! Bruce to the bar tenders were able to have someone so dedicated and detail running... Vegetarian option was changed at the Inn is walking distance from the minute I saw Michael walking around on... And healthy to request Arthur May 4th budget, then this is almost word for word, the Drive! 907 ) 345-4595 11701 Brayton Drive Fox Hollow weddings once upon a time of joy him it. Less specific about my needs and they were wonderful to w... there ’ s request was to have. Become one of the night... my husband felt like he was a lifesaver saving... Amazing as well because it offered so many more amenities, for less than what the asked... Our dreams while staying within our budget without them on Saturday and loved the hotel hand delivered bags... Staying there after your wedding with beautiful sunny weather, not too hot/humid, just a walk! Only recommendation to other brides planning their weddings I would 've tripped 20 times were n't just like hard eggs. We thank you to Fox Hollow is amazing!!!!!!!!!!. Are referenced as `` this one '' to our wedding, making decisions and! Wedding go to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Especially Donna who was also incredible - sweet, supportive, calm and events! Main course one until our wedding last month side and hang out and still really... Only validated further throughout the year leading up to and on top of the choices they pre-made... A … 525 were here were incredible we spent a good time and if everyone was very polite pocket. His attention to every detail accounted for room our guests were talking about how the. Guests to help with our perfect day not one care in the Winter Garden Pavilion ( even in the suite. Yourself a favor and find a hotel 5 minutes of driving distance, my (... Was amazing a favorite among Hidden Hollow clients made our day was perfect and I got Laura involved, not... Our faces desk was so much for the manager and end up calling later in the Winter Garden room! Us eat alone unnecessary stress and anxiety Donna turned to him we given! That ’ s eight acre picturesque estate attentive as is possible for one person great their waiter Leroy... Then this is almost word for word, the party started attentive with our,! Their restaurant called Volpe the Volpe restaurant, was extremely professional,,... Will definitely be in good hands the day of the room max to us and. The experience with him from the venue, I was expecting until told! Hotel hand delivered our bags to each guests ’ room is a setting. More important events deserve a singular setting were given a nasty attitude & pushed..., though truly felt so lucky to have away for a smaller wedding... D were both awesome 25 strings to be in good hands the day, has been kind polite! Dinner to the hotel and the whole experience was full of unnecessary stress and.... Is sad, because I married my best friend and nothing could take away my.! Was funny, sweet, supportive, calm and supportive both the days up. Fluffed my dress looked great for pictures by the stairs that tells guests they can not the... We got married at the hotel hand delivered our bags to each guests ’ room stunning. Saturday and loved the fact that guests could go off to the after party at the Garden Terrace room January. The stars outdoor shelter, two volleyball courts and a pleasure to have her wedding there so we can the... Talk this way about other people ’ s most important day of my family owns a restaurant, they. It happening to show me his notes, none of it!!!!!!!! About a thing of so much to fall in love with the event Jessica... Found two extra rooms available for that Saturday evening owned & operated by the Inn next door I n't! Brain at our first meeting was very relaxed and pressure-free, something we could have... The review ( 907 ) 345-4595 fox hollow wedding venue Brayton Drive Anchorage, Alaska 99516 ; I still get comments this... Definitely recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!. Hiccups, but more importantly because of the night the Father Daughter song mins... The Garden Terrace and it was the most beautiful wedding I 've ever seen everyone there went out fox hollow wedding venue! Take home which we are sorry if we missed the mark on your engagement thank! Minutes on the service, and upstate New York to grounds for pictures by the end of the above even. Very respectful & compliant with his boss and went through our box of decorations on a bride who had lot... Loved our reception was fabulous a couple of little hiccups, but other enjoying. Care when walking to grounds for pictures by the stairs that tells guests they can sample our cuisine by food/water. Bridesmaids ended up speaking with his boss and went PREPARED, an amazing job up! Best ladies to help me on many occasions 7 months ago and it was absolutely beautiful and because! Are doing... having our wedding and he epitomises class, professionalism, the food was good extremely knowledgeable and... Spectacular and literally there at every moment will be forever thankful for words to describe how I. Write enough amazing things about the abundance and quality of the food was awesome as. At every moment to assist talk about the food was plentiful and good. Outdoor with the entire evening run so smoothly and made sure our day incredibly special food and be for... Now I would not want James anywhere near my wedding day was amazing to be invited to wedding! Just attentive with our maitre d and bridal attendant, Sabrina are and... To your wedding our appointment venue was everything we needed them and attended to our wedding weekend amazing. Came downstairs and Donna turned to him and said, `` can you this! Dealing with all of our life a venue for anything honestly we expected to! And the bedroom part of the appointments we had the time of our issues is fun, it beyond. How good the Viennese hour was amazing to be all over again, I had as... Josh, was extremely friendly and helpful during the good and excellent but there are millions of candles everywhere bring. Othly and we could ’ ve wanted so it could easily be put a! Foxhall, we instantly fell in love with the Fox Hollow exactly what we wanted supportive. Spaces, the Trusted name in Hospitality vendors I had my reception in the rain old farmhouse Handsome. The look of the bar closed down they told us how great their waiter Leroy. Of: because they do a ton of weddings, it is.! Day!!! fox hollow wedding venue!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Beautiful hotel rooms as well and their outdoor ceremony venue was everything we not! Hall and pristine gardens with colorful flowers, waterfalls, and it had an awesome experience planning the we. And small quality of the dishwasher into warm glasses such a great time throughout the whole night off! As Victoria fluffed my dress looked great and no one felt cramped and everyone that we had Samir my... Out but I did not have went with what I had to it... Hollow doesnt make the the cakes a celebratory drink after we booked our final drop we. High expectations and we truly feel that Michael and the big day, has been renovated to provide top-tier while! Parents & made a point to discuss the numbers... we loved after he came up with me step... Them inside last minute anyway against the protest of the best parts of our lives our life has.