However, the following may be useful if you are asked to submit a GPA as part of an application. While the range of topics that Ph.D. students may pursue for dissertation work is wide, it nonetheless may be limited by the interests and expertise of the faculty. About average. The Graduate School therefore has few central requirements for doctoral candidates beyond the standard requirements for all graduate students related to administrative standing, residency, and full-time study. Fine Hall, Washington Road Princeton NJ 08544-1000 USA Phone: (609) 258-4200 E-mail: Princeton’s admissions website boasts that last year alone it received more than 14,000 applications from students with a perfect 4.0 GPA, and that nearly 18,000 applicants received combined scores of over 1400 on the SAT. The Department of Philosophy 212 1879 Hall Princeton University Princeton, NJ 08544-1006. There will be a TigerHub service outage on Monday, January 25th at 6:00 am EST to 7:00 am EST. Within these degree programs, students can choose from among 37 concentrations (computer science offers both A.B. See Graduate Committee Requirements and associated clarification in the External Advisers section.). A completed application includes: 22 . The grade point average for the University as a whole, in 100-400 level courses across all departments and programs, increased .056 points over the past year, from 3.464 in AY 18-19 to 3.520 in AY 19-20. That being said, according to Master's Portal, your credentials must meet a certain standard: Students may need to adjust their research topics in order to align them with faculty expertise if they wish to complete the degree. Please briefly describe how your academic interests, background, or life experiences would promote Princeton’s commitment to diversity and inclusion within the Graduate School and to training individuals in an increasingly diverse society. The small number of students admitted each year receive training in an exceptional research environment, supported by faculty members who … Contact:, ©2021 The Trustees of Princeton University, Partnerships, Exchanges, and Cross-Registration, Doctoral Advising at Princeton: A Graduate Student Guide, Graduate Student Guide to the Grievance Process. Adjustment of topic may be necessary, for example, if a student's adviser leaves the University, particularly if the student has not yet completed the general examination and no other faculty within the department can appropriately advise on the student's originally intended topic. In addition to the Princeton University graduate application, there are specific application requirements for our Ph.D. program, including selecting a field of concentration: Cluster 1 - Security Studies; Cluster 2 - Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP). Ph.D. students at the research stage of their programs are required to have faculty advisers who can appropriately advise their topics and who are willing to advise them. Alexander Ploss among Princeton researchers studying the impacts of COVID-19 To make SARS-CoV-2 safer for handling in the laboratory, Alexander Ploss, associate professor of molecular biology, and his team are developing a less virulent version of the virus. Below are a few selected statistics that illustrate the diversity of Princeton applicants to health professions schools. This makes Princeton Extremely Competitive for GPAs. Princeton University Graduate education at Princeton is distinguished by its residential character, the small size of its formal seminars, and substantial opportunities for individual consultation with members of the faculty. Princeton Theological Seminary does require GPA. You'll need nearly straight A's in all your classes to compete with other applicants. Admission to Princeton is for the Fall Semester only. Ph.D. applicants: The Graduate School has not set a recommended minimum score on the iBT. Once enrolled, students may pursue either the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) By applying sampled GPA data from over 150 schools, we are able to estimate that the Princeton University average GPA ranges from 3.90 to 4 for accepted students. Princeton University is one of the oldest institutes in the US and also one of the best in the word. Average GPA: 3.9. Further information can also be found at the Office of Graduate Admission site. Current students can access additional data by logging in and accessing the HPA Virtual Data Binder (alums can Princeton University: Economics, PhD (F21) Interview via Phone on 16 Jan 2021 … or the Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.). We do not offer evening, weekend, or summer courses. Princeton does not officially compute or certify grade point average or maintain class rankings. Princeton, NJ 08540, Phone: (609) 258-3361 All applications for admission to doctoral and master’s programs are submitted to the Princeton University Graduate School. Attention grads and undergrads: The role and importance of your GPA changes throughout your academic career. Contact Founded in 1812, Princeton Theological Seminary prepares women and men to serve as faithful Christian leaders in the church, the academy, and the world. Princeton welcomes applications from students around the world. Email:, © 2021 The Trustees of Princeton University, Summer Undergraduate Internship Milestone Credit, Program for Community-Engaged Scholarship Courses. The Ph.D. program at Princeton Economics is one of the premier economics programs in the world. Additional grading data for AY 2019-20 is available. It has an acceptance rate of only 10%, meaning that out of every 10 graduate applicants just 1 gets the honor of studying at Princeton. To apply, visit the Graduate School Admissions page. The average GPA at Princeton is 3.9. A score in the range of 2120 to 2390 on the SAT exam, or 31 to 35 on the ACT exam is among the 25th - 75th percentile range among accepted students. Average GPA: 3.9. The Graduate School therefore has few central requirements for doctoral candidates beyond the standard requirements for all graduate students related to administrative standing, residency, and full-time study.. To qualify for the Ph.D., students are required by the Graduate School to pass … However, the following may be useful if you are asked to submit a GPA as part of an application.