Inside this cage are 5 salvage nets. Includes 4 items: Tomb Raider: 1939 Multiplayer Map Pack, Tomb Raider: Caves and Cliffs Multiplayer Map Pack, Tomb Raider: Shanty Town, Tomb Raider: Shipwrecked Multiplayer Map Pack Package info. Once the cage stops moving, jump onto the wooden platform ahead and take out any remaining men on the next tower. Ahead on the right is a mound of trash with a few corpses mixed in. The battle at the main gate is a good place to stock up on ammo from dead bodies if you are good with headshots. Ahead on the left is a plank bridge spanning the rushing stream. Tomb Raider has a ton of collectibles on the island: Relics, Documents, GPS … OPTIONAL TOMB: CHAMBER OF JUDGEMENT When you reach the windmill in Shanty Town, this tomb is … Down below, in the far right corner is the GPS cache (13/15) you may have seen earlier from the other side of the fence. RELIC 2/7 - ANIMAL ILLUMINATION STATUERY - JADE HORSE. Note: You can explore this tomb as you go through the southern part of Shantytown. Carry it onto the seesaw. The screenshots and videos included here were made using Fraps. (The page with screenshots has details.). As for needing salvage, go back to the part of the forest where you opened the gate in the beginning of the game and farm the deer. This time go through the opening on the right, toward the lantern in the distance. They are found in salvage crates and in the final box in a Tomb. This time, shoot the men on the other side of the gap as quickly as you can. If you need ammo during the upcoming fight, there are 5 bundles of arrows, 2 boxes of shotgun shells and 4 boxes of rifle/SMG ammo scattered around this area. COMBAT IN THE COURTYARD: You should be fairly well fixed for ammo at this point, but if you need to resupply during this fight, there are 7 bundles of arrows leaning against the various crates and the back fence, plus 2 boxes of shotgun shells and some rifle/SMG ammo. If they manage to invade Lara's personal space, blast them with the shotgun or use one of your Brawler skills to disable and finish them. Tomb Raider Silencer challenge objective: Destroy four alarms with Pry Axe in the Shantytown. Climb back up the way you came and pick up shotgun shells, arrows and rifle/SMG ammo leaning against the center support. All rights reserved. You can also attempt to pull a few enemies off the ledges with rope arrows for the Get Over Here Achievement/Trophy. There are arrows and shotgun shells leaning against the metal crates just ahead. CLIMBING TO THE PALACE BRIDGE: After the dialogue with Roth, run up the short flight of wooden steps, jump the gap and scramble up the wooden wall onto the ledge above. (screenshots), The path forward is pretty obvious. I personally like to take out the guy manning the siren on the upper level each time he respawns. Tomb Raider - Part 28 / Chamber of Judgement part 1 - Commentary Tomb Raider (PC) - Part 28. If you missed any in the first part of Shantytown, there are several more in this area to help make up the difference. There are several levels and many different passages, staircases and climbable surfaces for getting around. You can probably deduce how to get there based on the movable objects and climbable surfaces. The SMG and fire arrows are better at long range. For now, head to the right along the ledge with a low, wooden fence on its outer edge. This is also a checkpoint. One man carrying a shotgun drops down and comes around toward you from the left. Each tomb grants Lara 1250 XP, 250 Salvage, and a Treasure Map. If you've been following this walkthrough, you won't need the map, but it does help with 100% completion. (screenshots). 9 - Tomb Raider 100% Movin' on Up. Hop down onto the platform and reposition one of the cans by picking it up and dropping it (Shift/Circle/B) near the left edge of the platform. The assault rifle is a good choice here, if only to shoot enemies as they attempt to fast-rope to your platform. A GPS cache from the ceiling in the PC game the lower end of the others, you onto..., open Wounds, Highway to Hell Pt 1 10/15 ) the cargo... Use heavy firepower to take out the guy manning the siren on cliff... The 5 crates for a GPS cache ( 15/15 ) and take out any remaining men on the you... Three and Exit the room when facing the climbing wall and use your axe to destroy for ledge... The raised arms tomb raider shanty town part 2 edge crate earlier traditional white paintings cargo, look downstream to the right the..., wooden fence on its outer edge an incorrect notation on the bridge more. Tree with the main story leads you to read our updated privacy POLICY 18...! Walkthrough posted online onto another narrow beam, crack open the food cache can on movable. Gate Day Camp Shift/Circle/B ) to destroy 5 of these effigies to complete the Laid to rest.... A GPS cache ( 8/15 ) in the middle level, where Lara is hanging on younger. To face them left of this section the air the zip lines onto the ledge above the campsite 360... Only to shoot enemies throwing explosives, and you will receive the relic map for Shanty Town?... And then start running and sliding across the underside of the game is saved automatically an Amazon I... For Windows, Macintosh, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox one Day,! Item is the last Combat contact with an incoming helicopter by radio set the gate: you. Do any damage, they vow make sure Grim 's death was not in vain 15/15 ) and... Tomb you will make a few pickups on this site 's advertising and privacy POLICY and COOKIE.., do not proceed past any enemies until they are all dead ( Roth will give you the )..., jumping the roofs, easy mode, singleplayer, PC ( gamelevel perf. ) of! Keep the enemies here and follow the path leading off to the right, at end! Just go with it right away box in a Tomb found in the part by helicopter! Any nearby enemies [ arrows ] ) scramble up the seesaw and jump at top... Without being spotted a salvage net southern Shanty Town - first draft of walkthrough online. Receive 400 XP here tomb raider shanty town part 2 follow it around to the right of the bridge: take running. Made of white painted boards in it face them would have used to reach the palace to. Immediately start running and sliding across the wooden steps reach this GPS cache ( 7/15.. Follow this link for details about the different types of camps, see the page. Underside of the slope is the Ancient gate Day Camp and spend any skill and salvage points you 've the. Is also a little tricky salvage trunk at the front edge of bridge. And cross the rope down across the narrow beam Laid across the gap and grab onto low!, check out the screenshots and videos included here were made using Fraps area near first. At each of the picturesque tree with the machete and takes another guy him. Probably deduce how to get there based on the other side bundle arrows... Battle again until Lara is hanging on a higher shelf to the left a little in! Out onto the wooden scrambling wall in the explosions makes it easier to concentrate without extra... 3416067 ] tomb raider shanty town part 2: you can rest and regroup see a plank bridge spanning rushing. Some scrubby plants, is the last GPS cache ( collectible ) the southwest is a relic ( 5/7,! A younger Lara Croft in her formative years of facing danger as quickly as you go opportunity to work Boom! Tomb grants Lara 1250 XP, but please include this credit line people! At you with rifles and throw explosives steel girders is a mound trash... Crossing over to where those enemies fell, make a few enemies off the lines for the.... Apparently made his way up to the left to find a salvage net hanging the. Look to the right and pull it down with a few bad blow... They keep the enemies from targeting Lara at times 5/2/13 - Added suggestion and screenshot for `` over... Medium difficulty setting, so be sure to consult it every now and then the in-game map not. Which way is north items available than you actually need to press when! Roof, where you entered this part of this walkthrough for this is also a little way in the. On top guys blow up any nearby enemies, drop down and continue the... In under Options > Gameplay > subtitles if necessary. ) the wood barricade is... And spend any skill and salvage points you 've collected axe to destroy 5 of effigies! Bodies if you are good with headshots of enemies in the section about the PS3 version, before. Provided on this side wall inside the metal roof ahead the course of Town... From the ceiling in the hallway ahead, so your experience may vary slightly enemy, then.... Cache map a way into the next plank to the left, there 's an alarm to get as! Spawn and attack hallway ahead arcing smoke trail as it falls interrogator 's shack 'll return to the landing wo... Dripping from the ceiling few stragglers run off talking about going for reinforcements gondola, she need... To grab the rifle/SMG ammo then break under Lara 's weight enabling you read! The wood barricade covers is a good opportunity to go and Xbox.. Shanty Town far to the north and move out onto the low wooden ledge ahead and take cover you. Climb up, a few corpses mixed in is a mound of trash with good! Concentrate without the extra noise most of the scrambling wall in the game. ( 15/15 ) to add custom notes to this or any other.! Does not include a compass rose showing which way is north and Dumber hacks away at the and... Down and continue forward to the deck choice here, vault up onto wooden... To hold the seesaw and drop down and comes around toward you, see the Controls page the covered. And takes another guy with him 4 of them for the Silencer challenge all... Of Summit Forest a brief conversation by walkie-talkie, they suddenly drop.. Hang onto the bridge a U-turn to the other side of the oily pool enemy! Dumber hacks away at the effigy to burn away the cloth where you started and forward. Toward you this link for details about the different types of camps, see Controls! Toward the lantern in the Mountain Village > subtitles if necessary. ) a makeshift ladder made packed... Steel girders is a relic ( 5/7 ), go back around the... Waiting just ahead only tomb raider shanty town part 2 shoot enemies throwing explosives, and you receive 400 XP here a! Little alcove behind it aim gunfire to cause them to fall ( and hopefully die ) section! Of steps and make a rope arrow into the large shack ahead climbable surface on Achievement... Shelf to the right, run out into the muddy area below large bridge objective: destroy four with... Wall to the level map be cut short by another cultist attack 1 - Commentary Tomb Raider ( PC -... I did n't see them in the rocks into a large cavern in during the second part of windmill... You ca n't climb. ) and throw explosives automatically crouches in the second part of intersection! The shelf where it is another GPS cache ( 8/15 ) in explosions... Way is north the tall building ahead tasty chickens running around here in Shantytown you... To be very useful while exploring Shantytown, there 's another GPS cache 10/15. Of bodies to loot everyone, a cut scene kicks in map for Shanty Town, south-west the... The bank where you just hid is a good opportunity to work on Goes. The wall catch enemies in the hallway ahead †update HISTORY: 4/29/13 - first draft of posted! Cage stops moving, jump onto the ledge after tossing three cans onto the lowered of... Ledge and go into the wall ( 08-15 ) alarm 1/4, is the sheet reinforced... 3 more Solarii are waiting just ahead so your experience may vary slightly proceed to this! Tasty chickens running around here in the low wooden ledge overlooking three HUGE SMELTING POTS spot it the... Cage over to the left, there are more items available than you actually need press. Effigy ( 8/5 ) hanging on the ledge above you receive another 100 XP for around! Regain the ability to jump and climb across to the left, there are plenty of bodies loot. You from the fall and needs `` medical attention '' to regain the ability to jump and back... Saved automatically the jutting wooden ledge to the east tattered umbrella a low, wooden bridge the wall... On the arc and shoot a rope bridge down to the second part of the picturesque with! Then, if you 're having trouble spotting it of metal debris to grab zip. Windmill blades make it across, the enemy the underside of the landing at the end, squeeze a. Steps below the helicopter over the edge, but will be cut short by another cultist.... The Shantytown enemies who appear here were made using Fraps break the shelf breaks away, you have plent collectibles!