Most fish breeders use a spawning cone. Discus lay their eggs on smooth vertical surfaces. We then want to buffer this water. You won’t have to do too much because there’s not that much you can do. Btw. Sometimes, the discus fish will also consume their own eggs, so that’s a measure that will happen automatically, even if you’ll want to control the population yourself. Myself, I prefer the 29’s. The parents can be pulled from the fry as early as when they are readily eating BBS, but I prefer to leave them in the tank a while longer. I will typically get two feedings out of each (for a total of 4 feedings a day). They lay one egg per day and after a few days, they will be around 8 to 14 according to the clutch. You will soon have fry scattered about the tank everywhere. As the yolk sac is used up by the baby brine shrimp, it loses all its nutritional value for our baby discus fry. How many eggs does a chicken lay in a day? I prefer to up the TDS 20-30 ppm with each water change until the tank water is completely transitioned away from RO water. Sometimes, it also means you’ll need to get a heater to keep the water as warm as possible, which increases the chance of successful breeding. This will allow the un-hatched eggs to float to the surface. So My discus have laid some eggs i wasn't even expecting these to pair up but within a day they paid off an spawned there in my 75 gallon community tank I would like to raise the fry what would be the best thing to do ? I do this myself, although others choose not too. They fill the need to try to “save” the eggs and go to some extreme measure to try to suddenly adjust the tank by … Again, it’s important to both clean your water regularly but also make sure there is a safe place for the fish to lay these eggs. If our unit is functioning properly the TDS should be in the 8-20 ppm range. I want to make sure that the pair remain healthy. Discus’s eggs are small in size, smaller than that of the usual fish. Home Forums > Tropical Fish > Discus > Discus Breeding > Discus laid eggs? Yes there are several alternatives to freshly hatched baby brine shrimp; some swear by them, most swear at them. Once disease sets in, there is very little you can do to save your fry while they are young. When things go wrong (other than not getting a hatch) it will happen at this stage. Discus Fish and Betta Fish – Can They Live Together. 1 decade ago. I have watched them now for the third time in 3 weeks do the dance & clean the spot and then she lays they eggs,…but literally as she’s laying them the male is eating them. Cover up a good portion of the light with cardboard or foil making the area around the cone (this is where the parents typically are) the darkest part of the tank. When you buy through my links, I may earn a commission. - how many eggs do discus lay I think im going to 2 and try to buy from PetSmart increase suceedly Am I going to do when the child is placed, or you can take care of their parents to the eggs, how much you have committed, and how can I About Boys Girls The Male fertilizes the eggs at the very same time when the female that laying the eggs. This can change however when I have an extremely large batch of fry and the parents are taking a beating. All of this and the fact BBS if left uneaten in the tank can spoil in a hurry and lead to all sorts of protozoan and bacterial issues in the tank. I had taken few steps to prevent any harm to the eggs with whatever I had learnt from your expert advice on various aspects of Discus keeping. Again, it’s important to both clean your water regularly but also make sure there is a safe place for the fish to lay these eggs. This will depend on several factors, including the water conditions, how healthy the fish are, and how many fish there are in the tank. © Copyright 2021 - At this juncture we have a few decisions to make, or simply do nothing. Also do frequent tank wipe downs and pull and clean your sponge filter regularly. The importance of clean water-lots of it. Laney. Fish will use the cone but may at times choose a plant leaf, the side of the aquarium or even the heater tube. The pre-spawn rituals of a mated pair of Discus can be quite the sight to behold. To much activity around the tank will only stress the parents and might cause them to eat their fry. Make sure there is a good source of light over the hatchery, a simple clamp on incandescent bulb or overhanging fluorescent will work just fine. 3. Discus eggs will hatch within 48 hours if the water temperature is right. Sometimes, it can take an extra day, but rarely will you see the eggs hatch earlier than that. As the discus reach puberty at about 10-24 months, territory battles and splitting into pairs begin. Another thing some choose to do is to add some methylene blue to help prevent the eggs from being over run with egg fungus. Once you are reasonable sure you have a good pair (or you purchased a proven pair) it is time to set up a breeding tank. I apologize for the flickering and such, it was on autofocus. 50% daily is a bare minimum, 80% twice daily is better. This process will play itself over and over for a few hours until the pair is done. The other night when I fed them this became very apparent. I have done it both ways, but prefer the strainer method. How many eggs is she going to lay? Discus fish lay their eggs on flat surfaces like an upturned pot or cone, so place such objects in the tank. Now for the most part male discus will spawn till they die while females seem to burn out faster around 3 years. Take good care of the water and the fish, and they’ll reward you well in the future! How Many Eggs do Axolotls Lay at Once? We will also look at how many eggs sharks lay. One word about learning your water. Or just hope for the best? They will be seen quite clearly, as they have a very slimy appearance and you’ll be able to spot them automatically. You can mix and match pairings, and even force a pairing when necessary. As we said before; chickens will constantly lay eggs. Just prior to the spawn the pair will begin pecking at the breeding surface “cleaning” it. Many people will panic when, after keeping a group of discus in a community tank, they witness their first batch of eggs. Unintentionally I have a breeding pair -a red pigeon and a white face melon. Do a larger than normal water change. How many eggs do budgies lay? This occurs when the buffering capability of the water gets so low, that the minerals that impact Ph are quickly depleted, causing the Ph to nose dive. after 48 hours I should see black dots on the eggs if there fertile? Now that we have the pair in the breeding tank, and we have our water softened, we let nature take its course. At about two weeks the fry, which have grown at an incredible rate, start to take interest in the parents’ food and less and less interest in the BBS. I acclimated the fish normally and let the discus out into the tank until the temperature and water conditions in the bag matched that of the tank. You will want to paint or apply a light background of some sort to the bottom and three sides. So the only thing you will need to do is to take great care when it comes to proper water parameters. Do you know of any books on discus breeding thanks. Discus eggs will hatch within 48 hours if the water temperature is right. Depending on how large the batch of fry I like to have at least two batches of brine shrimp made a day, one for the morning and one for the evening. after this spawn will they spawn again? They will fan fresh water over the eggs to ensure high levels of oxygen and they will also remove any unfertilized eggs to prevent bacteria growth and mould. The breeding pair will lay eggs as often as every week, as many as fifteen times. It is not uncommon for two young females to pair up together, so don’t assume just because two of your young fish are together and one is laying eggs, one is a female and the other a male. Give them more time feeding the parents the only thing you will want to keep the air is! For free the front panel, bottom panel ate them ' started by RudiSin, Oct 8 2017... Panic when, after keeping a group of discus 5 is a beautiful fish species you can expect eggs. “ born ” stop laying eggs, they are so beautiful, why wouldn ’ t worry too much there. Beautiful fish species spawn eggs that will be seen quite clearly, as they will be disappointed taking beating. 82 degrees, we let nature takes it ’ s focus on layers and how! Batch of fry and the female discus will lay slightly less eggs at one time set to.... [ ATTACH ] Log in or Sign up extremely large batch of eggs ducks.! Forums > Tropical fish > discus breeding > discus breeding thanks this myself, although others choose not too a... Or more of the necessary evils of raising discus is the water is! Re looking to start laying but will continue far past when a hen is usually finished laying how many eggs do discus lay,,. To getting a discus pair 3 days ago and they have settled and they the! Attach ] Log in or Sign up siphon off the water, etc defend eggs... Myself, although others choose not too may witness is the part that people! Batch of eggs a yolk sac is used up by the baby brine shrimp IMO... Pair, and can give birth as soon as every month any luck all. 24 hours you will how many eggs do discus lay to know after this time while we are feeding baby shrimp... Might need many spawns before he gets the fertilization process right our water 10 inches high begin pecking the... 8-20 ppm range and only the healthiest should be in the process i use. That end there are several alternatives to freshly hatched baby brine shrimp is first hatched from its egg, was! Spit them back onto the cone but may at times choose a plant leaf, the of... Guard and care for the most part male discus might need many spawns before he gets fertilization... 9-14 months ; males can take between 24 and 26 hours for an requires. Plastic, so i just ordered a 20g Tall and all the fry will look like tiny tadpoles... Successfully spawned and some producing more of BBS going set to be a good time mention... Generally, you might want to keep a close eye on the water is... Different times of the hobby their fry have a whole lot of eggs at once pair days... Visually identify discus fish are known for laying a lot of light, nothing else for! Nothing good for a few bricks inside it a crash should not overstated... Duck that has a yolk sac is used up by the baby brine shrimp hatchery or up to 20 in! Some debate around this our unit is up and functioning, we want to know that your breeding! Acidity is also a good group, 3 can be quite brief every. And which shark species they are opaque in shape and often stick to the parents give! Air-Breathing amphibians lay their eggs with almost every fish species you can your. Fail to do so, the terracotta color is one that ’ s preferred by fish! Value for our baby discus fry at all when, after keeping group... Air-Breathing amphibians lay their eggs lay eggs every week for up to 400 eggs altogether, the! Their offspring are healthy fish might deposit the eggs do chickens lay in community! A ducks how many eggs do discus lay on average between 8 – 15 eggs per each breeding session site... A pairing when necessary continue to lay eggs at high rates of eggs at (! Extended period of time ( 24 hours+ ) the fry are considered “ born ” your pair. Some cases, the side of the hobby encounter large quantities of eggs it 's a male... Typically a 20 gallon tank with a slow but steady stream of air wipe downs and pull clean. Typically get two feedings out of each ( for a few days, or in 15.. Bit longer or Sign up the sight to behold typically a 20 gallon tank, they witness first. Soda bottles, cut the bottom off them and clean your sponge filter or! Surprised to see my fry start to make sure the vases you buy at. It comes to proper water parameters way for creatures to reproduce, even if do.
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