Particular praise was given to one of the game's party members Kreia, with GameSpy naming her the best video game character of 2005. Let me know about you guys! Mandalore. I hate in II when you get back to the Hawk and everyone you didn't bring out has all their conversations all at once. Version. Uploaded by PramodMarlon. He may even be able to take computer for you. KOTOR II enhances the usefulness of the workbench by allowing characters to create items and upgrades from scratch, or to break down existing items. its clear you discount them without fully grasping their power, since you favor a double blade over 2. assuming you go to nar shadda first thing, by the time you finish the planet you can have enough skills as a sentinel to make all the top tier crafting parts you need to MAX POWER 10 lightsabers let alone just 2. and the damage output just from having the extra crystals far exceeds what a doubleblade is capable of. In defense of the Jedi Sentinel: Skills can affect dialogue in this game, and having high skills can lead to some of the best dialogue options. Gotta Love AI Technology. Whats your best kept KOTOR 2 secret??? I find myself including HK as much as possible in Kotor I because I love his lines and I have to admit I tend to have VIsas and Handmaiden with me a lot in Kotor II, running around in underwear. Canderous - Ridiculously good tank. < > ... as said it is probably best to leave Korriban to last. In KOTOR I some combinations have specific dialogue that only triggers if they are out together. ALSO..... what kind of weirdo goes with critstrike first for stuns? Can you name the KotOR 2 - Party Members? PartySwap 1.3.3 Dec 17 2019 Full Version 2 comments. I can't imagine anyone who buys this game and doens't want to use a lightsaber for their main character. Virus scan. However, it should be noted that Onderon Part 2 and Korriban can be switched if the player feels that the civil war is a better lead up to the final planet. it automatically casts it on the other as well. Jolee and melee Canderous. Here is the one I … For example, in Kotor 1 I always rolled with Bastilla and Hk-47, while in Kotor 2 I bring along Kreia (obviously) and Handmaiden. If you don't care that much I'll try to break it down by compaion: Jolee - Super OP with the force, very good companion to have. It also adds a usable item (adrenal) that will allow you to … "Fans have been asking for a mobile version of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II for so long, and we’re thrilled to finally bring it to them," Aspyr Vice President of Publishing Elizabeth Howard said. Almost each character has received a major buff to their original health. From the beginning, the production team had decided that the general atmosphere of the universe would be much darker than in Knights of the Old Republic and that the situation for the Jedi would be grim. To Keep this section short, I'll just tell you the best skills to invest and why the others aren't as good. He basically never runs out of Force power. Created by PramodMarlon . Of course, it’s hard to judge KOTOR 2 in a vacuum. Everyone else is going to feed you the same lines about how every playable character you encounter is useful in his/her own special way. 1.0.0. For a JEDI GUARDIAN becoming a JEDI WEAPONSMASTER or a SITH MAURADER, If you are going to play as a JEDI CONSULAR -- SITH LORD. Best Party Member "Squad" Kotor II. Last Update: 12 Nov 2017. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Notes: -Toughness and Improved Toughness are always applied unless said otherwise. I played with both and ofund Mira to be a lot better than Hanharr, even with his rage. 23. Off we go. He is one of the best ranged weapons users (I put him just behind Mandalore in my lineup) but I would pick him instead of Mandalore because he can rock out that all important security skill. Disciple / Handmaiden if you are going Light Side, as your second front line melee character. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. HK-47 or Mandalore - I'm picking him here for the same reason I picked him above. 3. This is the main hangout spot in Kotor where during the day you can stop for a cup of coffee or lemonade and in the evening enjoy live music or party. I don’t really remember anything from when I initially played the games and decided to come ask you guys for some help. Allows PC to upgrade party members from level (1) when they join party. and duxn with jedi atton,handmaiden, and mira, is a cake walk. 5 years ago. you can get them all almost instantly after leaving telos, go straight to nar shadda, rob the hutts vault and get visas in your party by returning to the ship. Her whiny brat thing annoys me. This bit of the game though is where T3 really shines. Mission was my best friend in this game. Feb 26, 2015 @ 11:27am ... Super useful if you wanted to max out your weapons with the best upgrades. Kotor 1 & 2: Best Party Combinations? ", Spiffy Force Powers (Guardian-Weaponmaster/Maurader). guys check the guide here on IGN the killer droids name is HK-47 and if you remember in KOTOR 2 you had to fight plenty of droids called HK-50 Any way for some strange reason I belive that Visas Mar is one of the best party members in the Knights of the Old Republic games. 10. Last updated 18 December 2019 4:01AM. This is sort of another semi-spoiler, but its not that revealing I promise. I'd recommend rotating combinations rather than just sticking to specific ones. The best Star Wars game is KOTOR II — and it’s not even close By Marshall Honorof 04 May 2020 Knights of the Old Republic II did what no other Star Wars story has ever done Although I did rotate party members, with some saving and reloading, to trigger conversations and reactions, because short of hating the other characters, why would anyone ever choose not to? However, at other points in the game, this will be decided for you (either partially, Optimum party for a Jedi Guardian / Jedi Weaponsmaster or Sith Maurader, Picking Your Party - The Seige of Onderon. Posted by 9 months ago. There is a lot of fighting. Always playing as a Consular. Juhani - I never really use her at all. All rights reserved. I have tested all of this. Some questions on the KOTOR 2 parties. You will want him. Contains 1 item. videogame_asset My games. Love how much they enrich the knowledge of the Star Wars universe. Permissions and credits Credits and distribution permission. I'd suggest finding a guide online, because it can be tedious to get through it all. Bastilla - Sort of a mini-Jolee. Peragus II. STAR WARS™ Knights of the Old Republic™ II: The Sith Lords™, This item has been removed from the community because it violates Steam Community & Content Guidelines. Discord Server - an overview/guide of the upgrades for your lightsaber in Star War Knights of the Old Republic 2. 6. HK-47. kotor 2 awareness, Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek 53 59 99 111 121 1. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Ranged weapons: power packs and firing chambers, Power Crystal 1 - Ankarres Sapphire: STR +2; DEX +1; Reg +2, Power Crystal 2 - Solari Crystal: DAM +3 (+1-8 extra vs Dark side); ATT +3 (Light), Lens - Enhanced Byrothsis Lens: ATT +3; Damage +4 (blaster -4); Awareness 29 (450), Emitter - Expert Fencing Emitter: Damage +3; Defense +2 (blaster -2); Repair 27 (407), Cell - Ultimate Diatium Energy Cell: Damage +5; Computer 29 (495), Power Crystal 2 - Qixoni Crystal: Damage +5; Force Regen +1 (Dark), Power Crystal 1 - Kaiburr Crystal: WIS +3; CON +3; REG +3, Power Crystal 2 - Upari Crystal: ATT +3; Dam +1-8, Armor - Ossus Keeper Robe: CHA+2; INT+4; WIS+4, Underlay - Biorestorative Underlay Mark V: REG 3; CON +3 (Treat 27), Implant - Insight Implant: Will+1; Wisdom +2, Headgear - Matukai Meditation Band: Will+2; Wisdom+2, Gloves - Jal Shey Meditation Gloves: DEX +2; WIS +2, Armband 2 - Ludo Kressh's Armband: Defense +1; Strength +1, Belt - Jal Shey Mentor Belt: Force Resist +20; WIS +2, Armor - Matukai Adept Robe: Con +2; Dex +2; STR +2, Underlay - Biorestorative Underlay Mark V: REG +3; CON +3 (Treat 27), Implant - Bavakar Strength System: Strength +3, Headgear - Target Assessor: ATTACK +2; DEX +2, Implant - Bavakar Strength System: (Strength +3), Your main player character (if you're a Jedi Guardian), Your main player character (if you're a Jedi Consular), Your Player Character - Great melee ability (but lets face it, you dont have a choice). 2. However, if you aren't worried about skills, go with Mandalore. KotOR 2 - Party Members Quiz Stats - By hk_47 Contains 2 items. 100% Upvoted. See results from the KotOR 2 - Party Members Quiz on Sporcle, the best trivia site on the internet! From the start I always went out of my way to make sure I talked to her and finished her companion quest and for a good 60% of the game she was always in my party. It is only visible to you. The characters you pick are your choice but I recommend (not going to say any characters just class type) taking either a Jedi or a Tank (a tank is someone who has a lot of health so he/she can take lots of damage), a Jedi and a Jedi, a Jedi and a Ranger or a Jedi and … We're grabbing Mandalore of course. #2. Even if this guide is posted on other platforms since 2005, before the existence of TSLRCM, choices to make your crewmembers as a Jedi is still a thing. Like, I was in Korriban and confused as to why I couldn't find Dustil, even though I had finished Carth's dialogue stuff, found out I needed to fly to a different planet, bring Carth, walk around until some random dude spawned to chat with me, THEN go BACK to Korriban so Dustil would be magically spawned. Your gaming experience will not be fun if you mess up and pick the wrong things. This mod allows the player to recruit both Handmaiden and Disciple. Can eat damage like none other. Mission - Great at picking locks, can be a good ranged support fighter, but don't try to make her melee or take damage or she'll die very fast. What are the best weapons/stats to give each party member? Juhani and Bastilla die in actual combat pretty quickly. Hi all, im new to this sub reddit but have long been a fan of the kotor games. ... a LOT, and sad to say, during many points in the game there are more "useful" characters to have around in your party. Onderon Part 2 really reveals the sith and Korriban is a great final way to begin the final part of the game.