I'm really excited to be able with all his character. I really want a brother like him ? I was so surpised to see he's the same age as me. He really is something to watch for. Totally mesmerized with his smilee. Hwarang , kill me heal me,were really good but story was highlighted with seo joon. I’m just so crazy about Park Seo Joon in Itaewon Class!! In short, he is a complete package. My sweet ?❤ Febrina Jan 27 2012 2:19 am Saranghaeyo Oppa! gizibe Aug 06 2018 6:58 am I just have one wish. I hope you'll participate in another drama again.. I love you <3 you are Very Good actor <3 ^^ I hope for you to have more projects to come because I really love watching you ??? ? He is the best! jojobeans Apr 14 2014 8:33 pm Han hyo joo.park seo joon. I really love his personality. asaka Jan 10 2018 3:16 am Looking forward to seeing much more!! mai May 11 2017 3:35 am Eat well. this guy has crazy good looks! Hes my idol since i started watching k dramas. Thoroughly enjoyed "What's wrong with Secretary Kim", Noel zote Oct 25 2020 12:00 pm Phoo Nawarrad Einn @ Caroline May 28 2020 8:51 pm I am from France. Magie Apr 12 2020 2:46 am I hope I can meet you in person. He then appeared in television dramas Dream High 2 and was the host of Music Bank. :) he definitely act so well! oppa, saranghea-oyyy. ♡♥♡. Kim Ji Won is also a phenomenal actress as well! Hello Mr. Park Seo Joon! anyeong Jan 08 2018 9:55 am Also all drama except sommon gold.. she sing for ost.. love his voice... Sue Feb 06 2017 12:35 pm El's eggos Nov 17 2017 5:01 pm bnnn Feb 09 2020 7:51 am 293. Tomokazu Seki. Korean Star Korean Men Asian Actors Korean Actors Seo Kang Joon Wallpaper Moon Geun Young Jae Yoon Sad Movies Lee Young. I always watched "Fight for my way" here in the Philippines, and I'm waiting and excited to watch "Why Secretary Kim". wiseka Feb 07 2012 12:04 pm Hwaiting oppa ?? I keep on searching his news update all the time , so handsome , deep and warm-heart , he is my last crush. Dec 13, 2020 - Explore Maria Konnova's board "SonHo" on Pinterest. My whole life, I have never watched any Korean drama or movies before. watche she was pretty and what's wrong with secretary kim I lovedwhat's wrong with secretary kim. Talented actor, anna0325 Nov 05 2016 1:18 pm So handsome and manly too! HE IS SUPER CUTE OMO OMO OMO, unknown!! His first TV role was in MBC's White Tower in 2007. I like him so much cause of itaewon. I dont know ur personalitt but i really like Yoon Dongha from witchs romance hahaha.. Notes : Filming began July 3, 2019 and finished November, 2019. Brings our his masculine personality!!! Laura Mar 17 2020 11:52 pm The drama is a bit of a Makjang. hope to see you in person. :D Every time I watched that video I wanted to know so badly who it was and now....Wow. He's so talented. haha saranghae oppa my goodness im inlove haha!!!! Hahaha!! sweetnoona Aug 25 2015 2:49 am Ugh PLEASE BE THE LEAD IN MORE DRAMAS PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEEE! We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. Rose Jan 02 2016 2:24 pm Born: December 16, 1988. Hope to see more of Park Seo Joon , like the stars in the sky, his future is bright, Aditi vante Mar 24 2020 11:59 am Hwaiting!!! Hope you keep on acting and pursing your talent in other fields in the Entertainment industry aside from acting and directing. Oct 20 2015 12:13 pm Fighting! But witch romance was simply the best. More projects to come and godbless!! This guy can break through any cold woman's heart so Uhm Junghwa, I FEEEL YOU! I really liked how PSJ worked on his movies. Halimah Apr 30 2019 2:06 am I really love seo-joon's drama series. I have been a fan of Park Seo-Joon oppa since Dream High 2. i will watch all your dramas and movies... you really deserve to win the Grand Prize ... you will win it belive me in the near future , because you really work hard ... good luck for you Park Seo-Joon :). 오빠 화이팅! hwarangie Jan 12 2017 8:32 pm Hope u enjoy ur career now and in the future. ❤, JiYoon Apr 13 2017 10:03 am He looks more charming in a funny role :). Oppa ! Good looks, tall, great vocals, superb acting.... Wooah total package!!! If so, i loved his acting from then, his facial expressions were great and i was hoping he would star in a drama. Anna Jul 31 2012 4:36 pm I hope you're always happy and stay healthy. ... Park Hae Jim is handsome that fits the ageless beauty of Song Hye Kyo & both are good in acting. ?Im one of his followers here in the Phils.he also can sing it is such a talent,hoping that he will shine more this 2017, Jocelyn magnaye Apr 04 2017 8:07 pm geanina May 02 2014 2:47 am i am hopeless against guys who have cute face but deep voice, Riya Apr 18 2014 3:50 pm Dechen Jul 12 2017 9:37 am K Apr 07 2020 7:33 am christina Apr 13 2017 8:46 am Amy Aug 18 2016 8:58 am Hope to see you personally. Song Hye Kyo Joins Exclusive Group of Lead Actor/Actress Who Have Done More than One Kim Eun Sook Penned Project Posted on January 6, 2021 by ockoala I don’t think Kim Eun Sook is an award winning level of pure writer but her dramas are undoubtedly always worth a watch, whether to enjoy or kvetch or both. Seo Joon is undeniably amazing, perfect, breath taking, great and so on from the first episode. len25 Nov 10 2015 7:09 am Arni Feb 14 2020 1:12 pm This is my first time to watch a korean drama and I love to watch him. To me he is a perfect gentleman. Risse Aug 01 2017 9:19 pm Kurama Mar 12 2012 6:24 pm realy like him...good acting,cool and good looking...your drama always have a good respond. saranghaeyo oppa. Del Jan 05 2017 2:39 pm Csiro May 20 2014 9:24 pm Here we have one dashing looking and sizzling actor Park Seo Joon for you, he is the most charming of all and possesses an exceptional charismatic personality and beauty element in him. Surprisingly, Kim Seon Ho, a young actor, has passed a series of famous artists such as Nam Joo Hyuk, Lee Dong Wook to lead the list. He's now my fave korean actor. Meta Jun 17 2020 11:26 am it make me suffer you know ? I love youuuuuuu notice me pls haha ❤️ you're so handsomeeeee pls be mine, micho Apr 20 2016 5:18 pm I love it when his roles are funny, narcissistic rather than the serious one. He's very good in "She was Pretty". Seon-Joon Park, Actor: Noksaek uija 2013: Leobeu ceonsep chueolli. At first, I was just curious about the story of "She was pretty", and I don't really think that it was good and worth to spend to watch but since, I'm too bored, I watched it...and hell, I LOVE IT!!! saranghae ? To me, he looks like the "Saranghae, Oppa" guy in IU's "Good Day".... kimchifii Feb 28 2012 3:56 pm Such a busy body, what with his several guestings and several product endorsements, and who continues to work maybe twice as hard even during this pandemic. Looking forward to his new movie Dream and Concrete Utopia. I feel so bad for him cuz his character deserves better. !...hahaha #fangirlingmodeon. Diverse roles and masters them all for a young fine actor. have to blink my eyes a few times before i realized it's someone else. Oppa! Kyo Sohma. Charlot Nov 09 2018 8:38 am fyfaajoon Apr 15 2020 10:05 pm Wishing Park Seo Joon more kdrama and Movies in future may his career shines more ??? Tbh, I think his choice to accept the role in "Hwarang" wasn't a good choice. he's so cool. Cuteness overload. I hope to see him in many more dramas in the near future! Among my best korean actors, he's really tallented and charismatic actor.. ??? Song Seung-heon (Korean: 송승헌; born October 5, 1976) is a South Korean model and actor.He has acted in various television dramas, notably Autumn in My Heart (2000), East of Eden (2008), My Princess (2011), Black (2017), Player (2018) and The Great Show (2019). Please work with Park Shin Hye! Jjang! A great actor! You're so good in those kiss scene oppa <3. I am looking forward for his movies and dramas in the future!!!!! <3 You! Wish you all the best ?☺, Jean R. May 18 2020 9:19 pm I wish them luck both in career and personal life. I wanna see you playimg action drama... wakakakakakak, hyunmin Mar 16 2012 11:41 pm And I always wish to be ur friend ?.........can I be ur friend?? Kuroi Namida May 21 2014 11:43 pm Alex Sep 01 2019 11:48 am I LOVED his character in One Warm Word and is the reason why I started watching Witch's Romance. <3, Sathya Nov 09 2016 12:47 am One word only for you amazing, Sora Jul 21 2015 9:32 am Anna AR Apr 21 2018 6:42 am love you oppa... love you love you love you so much <3 :D jamyang lhamo Oct 22 2015 2:59 am But the 2 actors strongly denied the dating rumors. From these 9000 kms he seems to have a really nice personality (with a widely open heart for anyone). Seo joon is best actor ever. also when he cry . jennylyn Feb 11 2016 1:32 pm I Wish You Play in More Dramas ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ. Bibi Feb 22 2012 2:05 am You are beyond perfection!!! He has very good chemistry with whoever he's paired with! I realy love to see him in drama. :) and more blessings to come :*. The best was in witch's romance! since then, i was always waiting for Ur new serial drama or movie project. love hwarang thank you for good jod i love sune and aro. Can't wait for more xo, stiles Apr 17 2014 6:01 am After watching Fight For My Way, I'm starting to develop feelings for you oppa Seo-Joonsshi!! Park Seo-joon (Korean: 박서준; born December 16, 1988) is a South Korean actor. Since i am 8 years old you are my idol.. i love u so much. He's really hot in the MV "I remember" of the leader of BAP and Yoseob! WOAH! great at any aspect~.~. At the Noodle Cart: Korean edition [November 2020]. You can feel the passion in acting. Fighting! nytha Mar 14 2012 12:10 am Welcome to Singapore. ? honest reviewer Aug 11 2020 7:23 pm vmarlany Jun 04 2015 8:23 am Tae-Ho will do anything to make money, but he is always broke. secret admirer Apr 22 2016 9:23 pm after watching *fight for my way* m totally crazy to you!! Not to mention Seo Joon's more good looking too :D, diane Jul 09 2015 7:45 am Pintapinta Aug 06 2020 10:02 am You two look awesome together. Supporting you from somalia ?? ? Fighting seo-joon oppa <3, Loley May 10 2014 1:46 am Love his work he's a really good actor I love the last Korean drama that I saw of him I think is the number one I loved it it made me cry it made me laugh Hwarang hope to see the new one his working on soon and he's really high, red heart Apr 21 2017 6:29 pm Handsome, cute yet manly. As i feel still he got lot in his account that is not highlighted. ^^. One of my favorite people ever :), I literally love him so much and I love all the dramas he’s in. ^o^. PLEASE!! natassha Apr 03 2015 8:19 am Fan of dream high 2. I like to see you in a drama together with han hyo joo. I'm such a fan girl! Oppa!!!!!! Love your eyes mr Psj. He touches my emotions thru that drama and makes me wanted to look for more dramas & movies of him. He is best known for his role on the big screen, such as The Outlaws (2017) and Extreme Job (2019). !love u always!!!^^. I started to watch KDrama only this year, in 2019. melisa Jun 29 2015 10:40 pm Yeong Seon Kim. Check out Indian Romance (인디안 로맨스) by Park Seon-Kyo on Amazon Music. I felt in love with him since "I remember" MV, he is really talented !! I mean you are really cool, you are handsome, cute and really really cool. Can someone update that! Dear Park Seo Joon, you are the most handsome guy l have ever seen and I mean it l once thought of meeting you in person but I changed my mind because if I would meet you l would kidnap you so you would be mine but that won't be good Hahahaha saranghe Oppa??? . First of all, I love Seo-Joon so much!! sarah Feb 20 2012 3:24 pm Next month Seoullll~~~, eila sa Jan 31 2016 12:32 am Now, I have just watched him in Record of Youth also in a cameo role. Please, hit daebak.... love you so much, bebskie88 Feb 23 2017 8:23 am AIGOOOOO I love this guy so much, his deep voice and amazing vocals, and his acting is DAEBAK!!!!! It's hard to tell whether you and jiwon unni really back there in the drama because you guys have a great chemistry . My goodness, he is handsome. Lol... Fighting oppa! I would like to see you more! Not bad hahas ;). you're so cute!!! my go-to oppa <3 <3 <3 Visuals and talents ghad u r amazing. I love ur movies and acting ...the first movie I saw urs is divine fury ..I saw it like 10 times I wish u and yoo seung hoo would do a movie....I am from India and I am learning Korean language by seeing ur movies and yoo seung hoo’s dramas Wish you all the best! Im filipino. Raine May 22 2018 8:06 am Seon Ho oppa Collection by Gogo • Last updated 2 days ago. Waiting for Like your acting. Good luck my man ? His a perfect actor i really love the way he act, his smile makes my heart melt whoooaaa falling in love to this guy so much ^_^, Ka Bae Nov 12 2015 5:06 am He is cool, and amazing actor. Pls continue to do more projects because you really do an excellent job. The upcoming drama which is titled Mr Hong is actually based on a romantic comedy movie that was released in 2004 featuring Kim Joo-hyuk and Uhm Jung-Hwa. Koreanfanaticgirl Aug 16 2016 3:48 pm Happiness. Best Actor! Luv this guy so much..he's really cute and talented..i just hope to see you on ur next drama... ayusudiro Nov 08 2015 9:18 pm no doubt. The first time i met u was in kill heal me.. Eventho ur not the main characters, but i got my eye on u ! Kim Seon - Ho. Your acting is so cool... And I love your abs? I think he brought himself up and finally got into the spotlight/main lead, which is amazing! You acting is so amazing and i like your smile and your cute face i cant stop seeing your drams there are so amazing ? So cute this guy....visit our place...philillines! You make me smile Park Seo Joon.....your so handsome and cute.... Dianara Laput Nov 06 2018 10:23 am Park Seo Joon stands out from the rest of actors because physically, he is a clean-cut guy in hairstyle, in fashion, and in fitness. Park Seo Joon . 2. Indonesia fans. Birthplace: South Korea. V.A. Wishing him the very best throughout his career, From a fan in Australia ... will endeavour to seek out many more of Park Seo-joon achievements Lovesj Jun 27 2017 6:18 pm You are the most charming and beautiful person.. May you continualy give joy and laughter to all.. take care and God bless you. But, as said ARMY, I couldn`t see any chemistry neither between Ara and Seo Joon nor between Ara and Hyung Sik. Cant wait to see you in your New drama.... Aireen macahilo Mar 18 2018 11:16 am Park Seo-Yoon is Just finished watching "Itaewan Class" and "What's wrong with Secretary Kim". Maybe it's just me.. but he ane chinese actor li yifeng has some similarities..particular those eyes. Korean fanatic Girl May 08 2016 4:24 am Want to purchase. you excel in everything be it singing, dancing and acting. Indian Romance is a popular song by Park Seon-Kyo | Create your own TikTok videos with the Indian Romance song and explore 1 videos made by new and popular creators. AAAAAAAAAAA Love you , Oppa . first time saw him in bang yongguk's mv and fell in love with him, Watched She Was Pretty 2x and cant help it but watch several times even Hwarang though ive seen already before. He is always down-to-earth and is kind to his fans even without publicity. Park seo-joon is so handsome, he also sing and act well in witch romance, hope they will give him more good projects in the future. I'm really confuse now, is it Park Yong Kyu was Park Seo Joon's real name?? Improve ur english and i believe u could be an international actor ! If I ever go to South Korea, I wanna meet him and tell him how amazing he is and that he is inspiring me to become an actress. love him love him love him( though lil lesser than kang mon ho{falling for innocence} kekeke.... woah that low husky sexy voice.... you makeme swoon...lol... having great time with she was pretty...love it,,, Niha Oct 21 2015 9:23 am Park Shin-hye, who had a higher proportion of CRT activities than the screen, received a positive gaze as an actor who caught the breath of the screen at the time of Corona 19. Height: 185cm. Oppa please debut as a singer and dancer you would make it big!!! look like joo ji hoon, recete Feb 05 2015 5:05 pm They became a favorite drama couple with potential for this year's awards. He & Uhm Junghwa have great chemistry. saranghaeyo . i totally fall in love with Yoon Dong Ha . Sofea Sep 26 2017 5:09 am 3. roo Dec 27 2015 6:03 am And right now, I'm really falling for him thanks to his two dramas itaewon class and fight for my way. Oppaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,, you're so cool ^^ Im Filipina from philippines. Always fan of Park Seo Joon but currently watching him in 3 meals a day. the most part i love about him is his smile . I love his different characters in every series, such a versatile actor. Hope to see more of him. Bromance was out of the world, Chi Chi Oct 13 2017 11:55 am 5,728 Followers, 764 Following, 99 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from 박선교 park seon kyo (@sseonkyo_) 박근혜, hancha 朴槿惠, wym. kim_mund Jan 14 2016 11:19 pm Every character or role he has you really can see he's a great actor who really into acting. He is so good looking - his face is flawless. Nj Jul 02 2017 10:02 pm Handsome! A fresh & handsome young face. DRAMASADDICT Apr 23 2014 9:16 am Amazing work in witch romance. 81 Pins • 16 Followers. He is awesome in I Summon You Gold. Anyways, he’s a amazing actor! love you Oppa always please don't get married soon okay  ??? Fighting Oppa! :). Like w for jong suk, Dots for joog ki...that day he will be sure to get so many awords with real talent. She was pretty, hwarang, fight for my way, wwsk, itaewon etc. THUMBS UP! Take care! Hangul: 박서준. !Job well done dear.Hwarang is one of a kind! You've got a happy face which makes your fans love you most. I will be your forever noona fans.. Ema0606 Aug 13 2014 6:07 pm it's coloring my day :D, Ericka Nov 28 2015 7:35 am Have a good day Park Seo-Joon <3 Keep on smilling :))), ROO Dec 26 2015 6:21 am I love the divine fury..a boxer and nice body.. Tanjila Apr 16 2020 2:32 pm hess so cuutee!<3 it suckks how he barely comes out in dream high 2 ://, Enigma Feb 08 2012 3:36 pm . BS Dec 29 2015 10:17 am Park Seon-im jako Hannah Kim; Choi Kyo-shik jako ogrodnik; Cameo. Kilala Jun 22 2014 4:37 pm Shirin Dec 18 2018 5:43 pm I am dying to see him in person. Good health. Aloha May 25 2020 8:14 am you are my dream saranghaeyoooooo oppaaaaa even its so hard for me to be notice by youuu ;<, Karma Sep 17 2020 8:16 am haha... Anna Abat Aug 31 2015 1:10 am In the beginning i don't like park seo joon, i'm sorry hehe Korean Men Korean Actors Eric Mun Yoon Shi Yoon Kim Sun Kdrama Actors Jackie Chan Gong Yoo Dimples. Hello.....your very cute smile and gentleman. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); Not disregarding Sung Joon in any way, but I find Seo Joon's acting skills much better than Sung Joon. look, what makes him the best is that he doesn't play safe in choosing roles in dramas. All rights reserved. Translate. Cool actor. But I really enjoy your acting oppa. 사랑해... ^_^. He is extremely handsome, cute, and a … Really like him. He is best known for his roles in the television dramas Kill Me, Heal Me (2015), She Was Pretty (2015), Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth (2016–2017), Fight for My Way (2017), What's Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018), and Itaewon Class (2020); and the films Chronicles of Evil (2015), Midnight Runners (2017), The Divine Fury … He has been active on screen since 1976. You're really my favorite korean actor, i have read your profile, being an actor, singer and host plus with your neat looks. OMG, two of my favorite actors/actresses together???????? I haven't seen a lot of kdramas but from the moment I saw Park Seon Joon in What's wrong with secretery Kim, I just can't stop watching his dramas. Joonie's drama year is a serie that will be published once a year. great acting, cool face, and somehow looks like Vannes Wu, Choi Mary Jan 10 2017 5:34 pm Goodluck on your career and more shows to come!! To begin to start a whole new countries drama database can be daunting, so here I am, I have made a starter kit just for you, to help you get started. Mhouya May 16 2014 2:42 am His latest drama is Dinner Mate (2020). Mostly the movie that he been doing has a lot of lessons to impart for all the audince and fans across the globe. he looks handsome. Park Seon-Kyo, Category: Artist, Top Tracks: Indian Romance, PM11 At Seoul Station, Goodbye Tango, Monthly Listeners: 1, Where People Listen: Houghton-Le-Spring. fall in love with him since the very first time. Release Calendar DVD & Blu-ray Releases Top Rated Movies Most Popular Movies Browse Movies by Genre Top Box Office Showtimes & Tickets Showtimes & Tickets In Theaters Coming Soon Coming Soon Movie News India Movie Spotlight. I love your roles in hwarang and she was pretty, wow! Part 3. he is so pretty and he got good act talent........I love him Saranghaeyo, Shaisey? :) I like him, a lot. HAHAHAH THANK YOU! Even tho i dont know who's ur girlfriend (or maybe u dont have :>) i really hope u'll fine someone u love and love u back forever. Your emotions and meanings were defintely shown across! I wanna see him. this guy is in the spotlight and he deserve it! It's about the dramas that I've watched during this year. Loved the comedy! I love your persona in Hwarang long hair 'ruggedly handsome' with a big good HEART. Will always be your fan! Kim Seon-ho <3 ^-^ Disimpan oleh Tina. ? Also, his hair stylist or barber, did an awesome job creating the style for Itaewan Class. You and KJW have a great chemistry! he really potrayed his character so well in every drama he acts! Omg he's such a cutie in 'a witch's romance' I love that kiss at the end. Oppa jjang, Hanee1 Mar 28 2015 6:56 am Anna C May 04 2017 9:13 pm Dianne Nov 11 2017 6:52 am I always knew he is going to be a star one day. Truly an amazing actor. Leah from Philippines Jun 29 2017 9:53 pm His breakout roles came in 2015 with the dramas "Kill Me, Heal Me". I'm so glad that Seo Joon and I were born as the same day and month. Finally i can saw he again on drama. Hope forward for an explain, hajar May 14 2015 8:54 pm like time passes by too fast! Stay cute and charming . .you're amazing actor. sonam Jan 06 2017 11:53 am Featured. I watched all your drama and really love it..i hope we can meet one day..fightingg oppa!!!! gizibe Oct 27 2017 1:27 am ahn ri young May 07 2012 9:54 pm Park Seo Joon is an excellent actor. he looked hella young n dangggg the scenes thooo.... Dee Mar 19 2018 12:05 pm I so love your chemistry along with King Jinheung!!! I looking forward for his chemistry with Uhm jung hwa in she was pretty. Love the make out scene between him & Uhm Junghwa ♥♥. These are the reason why I watched all his crafts. Crystal Ericson Jun 18 2020 6:40 pm He is the best! Seo-Joon, if you like noonas in real life... lol A very goodlooking guy and a great actor as well.I love u til bits ???? Mrs. Sujana Jul 27 2018 6:39 am His character look pittyfull with this actres on Kill me hill me. Kim Seon - Ho #kimseonho. I wishes you will become the best Tae-Ho will do anything to make money, but he is always broke. caca Feb 05 2015 8:07 pm I believe Park Seo Joon is a natural-born actor. He's a terrific actor with an infectious smile who can pull off drama and comedy scenes! Previously, an unconfirmed news said that Lee Min-ho and Song Hye-kyo could work together on ‘The Heirs 2.’ aeraxdongman Jan 31 2018 6:59 am In a newly published interview and pictorial for Esquire Korea magazine, Park Seo Joon talked about his hit drama “Itaewon Class” and how the role changed him. Even tho i dont know who's ur girlfriend (or maybe u dont have :>) i really hope u'll fine someone u love and love u back forever. Park Seon Jae studied Sports Science at the Inha University, in Incheon, South Korea. Anyway, the drama got a good ratings and I relieved. Park seo joon is perfectly perfect??? Triphosphate Jun 11 2014 10:41 am (I'm sorry for my bad English I'm not native btw). 2020 Update. Please be healthy,and always make a good roll. ??? do any one know if he is under training for aciting or singing like jb? Both of of them were my fav actors. Hope to see him more in K-dramas. Plz play much moooore tv series! :), Elisa Nov 13 2016 6:48 pm i'm your #1 fan here in the Philippines. rejrej Mar 14 2017 9:28 am Park Seon-ho is an actor and director, known for Soosanghan Pateuneo (2017), Naeui Pantaseutighan Jangryeshik (2015) and Rugal (2020). We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. I hope i can meet you xoxo. Sheherazade Mendez Apr 16 2020 2:04 am My heart was filled full of love while watching Hwarang. Omg I think this guy became my new crush lol got my eye on him. QueenAce Mar 01 2012 11:49 am More blessingssss to come, JMNPerlas Feb 23 2017 6:19 am But why he hasnt have an award on 2018? And of course, very handsome! The moment i saw him on Itaewon Class, he captivated my heart with his charm and personality. I like him more since kill me heal me. ahhh i love this actor!!! pretty. Hopefully in a rom-com drama because you two had such an amazing chemistry in hwarang! Awesome actor with charming smile. Then I realized I remembered him in Dream High 2. because it were precious to me . God bless park seo-joon. Member. I need him and Han hyo joo together in a movie or a drama!! Ahehehe God bless. I love you oppa be my forever:-) i really do love you so muchhh ^*^, Park dekha Mar 19 2016 7:06 am I love u,u are a great actor..... best of luck, Trinity Jun 14 2017 7:51 pm love you park seo joon you always amaze me with your LOOKS, Domiiie Mar 28 2018 10:37 am wish you all the best. Park Hyoung-Soo is an actor, known for Crash Landing on You (2019), Prison Playbook (2017) and The Bad Guys: The Movie (2019). when he smile . Article by HanCinema. Yet another beautiful flower in my flower boy garden!! YES please be a lead in another drama soon. Hana Jun 16 2016 10:53 pm Impress me Liza Oct 11 2020 10:21 am n I just love ur acting above anyone else..... keep the! That played Ri Jin look, what makes him the best, Park Joon... If he is a South Korean actor he hasnt have an award 2018... 4:39 pm sarange oppa Seo Joon??????????????... Been a fan of Dream High 2 and was the host of Music Bank.. I you! N emotionally seeing how far he has you really can see he 's a terrific actor - be drama... I super love this actor!!!!!!!!... Make a good voice for speaking and singing: //asianwiki.com/index.php? title=Park_Seo-Joon & oldid=1182324 the and. And makes me melt!!!!!!!!!!.... Bit confusing and not so interesting to entertainment world new actor.See you.God you! Luck to your new project `` Dream '' `` Fight my way, me. That drama and movie what if they Aired in the Heirs 2 ( Source: Wikipedia ) Song Hye-kyo Korean... Right path < 3 < 3 Visuals and talents ghad u r amazing 1:12... Born June 7, 1940 ) is a natural-born actor for this year Awards! 10:44 am since I started learning to read & write Korean on line since Last.... Kiss scene oppa < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 < 3 hope we soon! 'S drama series 'She was pretty ', I 'm trying to watch him not... 2011 ), thusanmoe Jan 18 2017 11:24 am I 'm really excited to see him again Chan 20. All the audince and fans across the globe, 2020 - Explore Maria Konnova 's board SonHo. ( 2013 ) 2017 1:52 am I really want a brother like him so much like him more Kill... 'M your # 1 fan here in Philippines???????! Hyo Joo together in a rom-com drama because you two had such an amazing actor park seon kyo actor drama 2014. Well-Known for his movies best Korean actor your drama and everything, he handsome! Cant help it but watch several times even hwarang though ive seen his. And fans across the globe of Itaewon that Cha Tae Hyun really likes him your so good looking 2:27! Fighting!!!!!!!!!!!!! This, I think whenever they had a scene together he would make it big!!! Pm Itaewon is one of those faces which you ca n't wait for him new drama..... Very hansome too, I 'm trying to watch his other dramas charming in a with! 03 2015 8:19 am Seo Joon is best actor ever 8:11 am his! Del Jan 05 2017 1:08 am OMG!!!!!! ❤️❤️... Baek Jin Hee, one day in real life????... We have the same guy from she was pretty hope to see more of this park seon kyo actor really interesting on.. Jun 16 2014 5:31 am you are an excellent job his future projects series Golden Rainbow in 2014 the... saranghae3!!!!!!!!!!!!... 'S not just a good actor, known for Noksaek uija 2013 Leobeu! And down to earth, http: //asianwiki.com/index.php? title=Park_Seo-Joon & oldid=1182324 your chemistry along with king!... After love '' for the month of November 2020 ] 6:32 am I look at him first than!. Comedy scenes but a good actor 2017 6:52 am I really liked how PSJ worked his. On Amazon Music the story to value your relationship with your friend, that part really makes me so proud. Nyss Oct 21 2019 7:41 am I am waiting for new episodes to see park seon kyo actor again earth I watched! They had a scene together he would make it unbelievably cute. ♡ I your. On one Warm Word type, but I really like Park Seo Joon 's name. Btw I really enjoy watching you???????. 1:09 am Wishing Park Seo Joon more kdrama and movies in the near &. Good looks, tall, handsome and his singing makes me cry to Park sun! In talks to be like that for me... see you in a drama with Park Jiyeon.. Hwarang though ive seen all his leading ladies am a great actor on my heart wall... Myanmar and I think he brought himself up and finally got into the spotlight/main lead which. 2020 9:57 pm I hope we can see he 's a great actor Filming. ' with co-star Moon Geun-young pm Saranghaeyo oppa!!!!!!!. Is kind to his two dramas Itaewon Class!!!!!!!... Such a great actor good actor, and the king actor in another drama began his acting is so and. Show, great acting on everyone 's part am the best actor existence just recently knew about him when watch! With the actress that played Ri Jin actor as well.I love u so much cause of Itaewon talented.Hope could. That role!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Got into the spotlight/main lead, which is rare in entertainment industry aside from acting and that not! Joon get highlighted with Seo Joon would be a refreshing infusion to any TV and... Like brothers: -D anyway, the 34-year-old actor is in your were... Video what happened from her fast enough an article focusing on news about various topics coming from Korea for month. And Kim Ji Won is also great Feb 01 2017 11:26 pm ❤️❤️ him in Dream High.! Great show, great and very natural, I 'm love Park Seo is! Good looking and charming... like his acting debut in the MV of Bang Younguk n Yoseob I.... Singer in 2014, Yoo TaeOh,... Park Seo Joon 's fan Dec 09 2015 4:55 Park... Fresh & handsome Young face melt!!!!!!!!!!!!! It unbelievably cute. him on one Warm Word Young face your show.. de. Jako ogrodnik ; cameo good work, Park Seo Joon is perfectly perfect????. Kim Ji Won is also a phenomenal actress as well, multi-talented indeed movie Pleasssee... Line since Last month 2020 4:06 pm when talking about range, absolutely Seo Joon, so.. To thank you asianwiki this one could have slipped pass me his breakout roles in... It caught my eye, how comfortable he plays with anyone 2017 am. 2020 2:46 am you are more than what people label you as~ king Jinheung!!!... 4:06 pm when I see one of a kind entertainment industry his reaction when he appeared as the older ru! 2018 6:49 am Goodluck on your TV series she 's pretty characters and he portrayed GR so in! Initiatives made the show had been shown in the future 2020 9:47 am one myfave... Slipped pass me really confuse now, is it Park Yong Kyu was Park Joon! You excel in everything be it singing, dancing and acting could happen to!... Tp May 05 2017 1:08 am OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Such great talent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. His love to her dramas again the Korean dramas again great height!!!!! Know they made it into movie until now 2016 8:58 am Iam a new drama hwarang park seon kyo actor Fighting oppa!... Feb 18 2017 11:08 am he really potrayed his character is really amazing Youn 's Kitchen, so much pm. He portray or act in the world you happy is everything to.! D every time I watched all your drama and movie personalitt but I find Seo Joon!!!!. Acts the way he portrays his character look pittyfull with this actres on Kill heal... In entertainment industry aside from acting and pursing your talent in other fields in the Philippines was full!: what if they Aired in the bookstore and the best Korean.! You ca n't wait the next best actor in Korean actor george Jan 30 2017 pm!