The State of Philaphans (Please Read)

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Re: The State of Philaphans (Please Read)

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Bel, it's too little but I hope not too late.
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Re: The State of Philaphans (Please Read)

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Are you FT?

Amounts don't matter. I'm grateful to whomever is in a position to offer.
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Re: The State of Philaphans (Please Read)

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While I don't come on here nearly as much as I did 10-15 years ago, I do appreciate what Ron's done to keep this site alive.

My one thing of note is that in today's world, transparency is everything. Being transparent allows trust from your users, employees or whomever else.

I've been looking up costs of running these types of sites, and they're fairly inexpensive. There's no graphics, no massive storage, etc because it's 90%+ pure text files. $10 a month and PHPBB3 and you're running a message board at about $25 a month.

I'm cool with fans of the site offering up cash to keep it going. But it's not like it takes $1K a month for this stuff. I also believe that if somebody's asking for donations, they put up that transparency so donors know exactly what they're paying into.

This is must more or less bad timing with the stuff going on with Sliker on Twitch.

Bel- I'm always open to offer up some to keep this site going. Just give me some info as to what I'm paying into.
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