Eagles' 2021 GDT #14: 12/21/21 WFT(6-7) @ Eagles(6-7) - 7pm

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Re: Eagles' 2021 GDT #14: 12/21/21 WFT(6-7) @ Eagles(6-7) - 7pm

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As I tried to tell y'all yesterday when you wanted to trash Hurts for "missing" TDs.

https://twitter.com/danorlovsky7/status ... SeB7w&s=19

Reagor was running a clear out go route. His defender cheats down as Hurts begins his throwing motion and it makes Reagor look wide open when he wasn't. The views you get on TV with a WR running with no one around him is misleading. This is perfectly explained in the video.
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Re: Eagles' 2021 GDT #14: 12/21/21 WFT(6-7) @ Eagles(6-7) - 7pm

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Jamesj30t wrote: Wed Dec 22, 2021 5:18 pm
Captain Obvious wrote: Wed Dec 22, 2021 11:51 am Good win despite the start. I missed the first half so all I could see were people on Twitter bitching.

Nick Sirianni is becoming a legit head coach. The players are into him. Hurts is in. He is on guys when they aren't playing well, and rewarding when they do. They didn't panic being down 10-0.

Need those three first round defense picks.
So you Hurts has done enough to get another year at QB? I am still on the fence but I would say give him another year.
The if they give Hurts another year they will probably trade one of those first round picks for more picks in the next draft so
they could possibly get a QB in '23.
I think so. He does have a few more bugs to loosen up, but he has shown he is coachable to fix. Certainly worth another year. It helps, but you don't have to have that big name at QB to win. Look at what Tannehill is doing in Tennessee...

Sirianni is coaching these guys to the strengths. Took him a bit, but he's getting it right.

The three first round pics are too good to be true. While I would like to see them make some solid defensive picks, Howie will screw it up.
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