RIP John Madden

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Captain Obvious
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RIP John Madden

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He was the soundtrack to every Sunday game on CBS.

Sommeral, and Madden. Didn't get any better and still no comparison.
The Poster
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Re: RIP John Madden

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Simply the best team. Madden made even blowouts worth staying around and watching.

"Well, when your playing good football, its good football and if you don't have good football, then your really not playing good football."

"The defense should be expecting a run or pass here."

"Don't worry about the horse being blind just load up the wagon."

"I always used to tell my players that we are here to win! And you know what Pat/ if you don't win, you lose."

"You got one guy going boom, one guy going whack, and one guy not getting in the end zone."

"The road to easy street goes threw the sewer."

"Mark Brunell usually likes to to soak his balls before a rainy game."

"Usually the team that turns the ball over less will hold onto the ball more."

Great stuff...similar to Yogi'isms
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