Covey Article

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Covey Article

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Nice article and Covey does look better this year. Maybe punt protection is better or maybe he just got better. Not exactly sure I would not agree with his comparison to Sproles. Sproles was one hell of a good RB, especially on the wheel route. I haven't seen Covey grabbing many passes. NBC Sports had a similar article but in that article it mentioned how good he was. If he was that good, and appreciated why would they cut him, then place him on the practice squad where another team could take him. I understand it's a numbers game and some players need to be protected more, but you are still at risk of losing him. Maybe now after 3 games they are finally realizing it ... fl-leader/
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Re: Covey Article

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Yeah Covey has been doing well returning punts - had a nice one in the SB
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