Vigneault Fired

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Re: Vigneault Fired

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rob630 wrote: Tue Dec 07, 2021 7:32 am I really hate to give up on a season in early December. But the way this team is constructed, the lackluster sub-par performance by the players, and an organization that appears to have no direction, I don't see them turning this around anytime soon.

AV took the fall. Maybe a coaching change was needed. But the problem runs much deeper. Flyers ownership, executives, and the GM are clueless. Flyers fans have always shown blind loyalty and support, to a fault. But it's time to let this organization know the years of continued failures must end.

Sorry for the rant, but I'm disgusted.
Yeah, I'm still thoroughly disgusted with this organization. Tonight's loss matches our team record 10-game losing streak, which is 2 more than our 8-game losing streak prior to AV's firing.

We briefly played better under Yeo, but it is clear that the problems go much deeper than the coach. AV was the fall guy. Players share some blame, but Flyers brass and ownership are the main culprits. Blow it all up.
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Re: Vigneault Fired

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I know covid is a factor, but the number of empty seats last night was incredibly concerning.
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