2021-2022 NBA MVP

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2021-2022 NBA MVP

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Re: 2021-2022 NBA MVP

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Only thing that was making me not believe Embiid should win was when Embiid, and Jokic went head to head. Realizing Embiid did not play the first game, and the second game they were dead even stat wise.

Giannis scored 40 when Embiid scored 29 last time Bucks played the Sixers and lost by 2.

I dunno. Maybe Embiid missed a bunch of games in the beginning of the season? That has to be it right?
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Re: 2021-2022 NBA MVP

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He missed time due to Covid, so that is not fair at all.

This is a joke, and shows that this is an anti Sixers thing, nothing more nothing less. The NBA is one of the dumbest organizations ever. You hitch your wagon to a guy with zero personality. Joel and Giannis are the face of the NBA, they are both great kids and are great ambassadors of the game.

Hopefully this motivates Joel even more.

But at the end of the day, shame on those who did not vote for Embiid
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Re: 2021-2022 NBA MVP

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i obviously think Embiid should have won but its not like he was robbed. Jokic is a pretty good player. i think voters were enamored with Jokic not having their 2nd and 3rd best players and still making the playoffs as a 6 seed in the West.
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