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Re: Home run ranking fun

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I agree there have been a lot of fun and memorable home runs in history (Realmuto's inside the parker and Mariano Duncan off Lee Smith, for example)

But I was thinking of these rankings more in terms of impact on the franchise's drive to win championships.

IF the Phillies beat the Astros (huge if), I think Harper's home run may rise to #1 in franchise history (pending any epic World Series homers).

But, for now, I think the Top 5 in some order should be Sisler, Stairs, Schmidt, Harper, McBride. (And the Stairs HR should always come with a Victorino footnote attached). Those HRs provided the biggest swings in crucial games/series they were in danger of losing before the HR.

Just missing the Top 5 is Dykstra's HR. They don't go to 1993 World Series without it.
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