Eagles' 2022 GDT: 11/20/22 Eagles(8-1) @ Colts(4-5-1) - 1pm

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Re: Eagles' 2022 GDT: 11/20/22 Eagles(8-1) @ Colts(4-5-1) - 1pm

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SH, the issue isn't players, though. It is scheme, alignment and play call. You're right, Gannon's scheme asks for a 4-man pass rush. The players he has are capable of generating pressure, but then comes his issue with alignment.

If he rushes 4, but he lines up his CBs 10-12yds off the LOS, the ball is coming out in less than 2.5 seconds. That's the minimum amount of time it takes an engaged DLman to get to the QB. Less, obviously, with a blown assignment, but those are rare. He plays too soft with his DBs which hurts the pass rush. He has to make the QB hold the ball to give the DL a chance to get home.

Before the long TD, he had a 3rd and 8 with a cold QB just in the game. Did he speed him up? Did he make him move off his spot? No. He rushed only 3, dropped 8 into a soft zone with his CB 12 yd s back and allowed a pitch and catch out route on the sideline. The next play, another soft zone allowing a 12yd cross with safeties 20yds off and they couldn't get the angle, went for a TD.

That's not personnel, they have a defense that could be aggressive and dominating if he turned them loose. He has them playing against their instincts and that will work against lesser competition, weaker QBs.

Rodgers, past his prime, was carving them up. Love? Hell, maybe it's good he didn't start, as the Eagles had no answers for him.

That's how I see it.
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